Saturday, May 15, 2021

GOTV Rally for Melanie Stansbury in Ridgecrest Park

Here are the links for the photoes and the video.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

How do we deal with corrupt School Board Members?

I have had reason to think about this issue. The state has seen too many cases of corrupt school board members. They take state funding which was allocated to education. That funding never reaches the students and the students do not benefit from the funding. They hire family members and underfund teachers while paying egregious salaries to school administrators.
I have a suggestion. An ethics committee that is made up of two parents, two educators and two legislators from the school district. They interview people to take the position of one policy administrator rather than a school board. The committee provides a short list of qualified candidates and then the governor or their representative picks from that list.

The candidate must meet basic skills and education level, must have been a classroom teacher at one time, must have skills in money management and have training and experience in the field of educational administration. 

This educational policy administrator would then be required to set policy and hire a school superintendent. They would be required to develop a relationship with the parents and educational staff within the school district that they oversee. Other duties could be developed by the legislator, governor, parents, and teachers of that school district. 

The candidate chosen by the governor or the head of the cabinet position would then have to stand for a non-partisan up or down vote by the residents of the school district and a retention election there after every four years.
This method would produce one individual who is held responsible by the legislator, parents, teachers, and the governor. They could not pass the buck by claiming it was another school board member. They would know what the policies were and how they were developed. This one individual could be bonded to protect local school districts. Yet they would still be accountable to the people that they service.  

This method would also prevent the long drawn out recall process by the citizens of a school district. If there was misconduct, then the governor or their representative could simply fire this individual and call an ethic committee to replace the person.