Monday, November 28, 2022

What Can Politicians do to build the U.S. Economy?


With inflation, taking more of our paychecks every day the government needs to find new ways to build our economy. The answer lies in building basic infrastructure. I am not talking about just roads and bridges, which while needed are the way of the past when it comes to how Americans buy goods and services. Today is Cyber Monday. More and more people are buying their goods and services online from large corporations such as Amazon and Walmart. Small businesses cannot compete because of something we call the digital divide, a lack of basic access and infrastructure for the internet. The U.S. must make access to the internet free and fast for all Americans.

The U.S. should treat the internet as they did electricity. They should regulate not the content, but the service provided to all Americans. Basic internet should be free to the public and small businesses. Larger and middle size companies could pay for higher end services provided by private companies. By making internet accessible to all Americans, you increase the profit base and therefore increase the usages. By increasing the usage, you then increase the profit share to small businesses.

By increasing access of internet to all Americans, you build a customer base, which will grow other companies and provide basic tax revenues to small towns and outlying areas of our country. This is where government comes in. They need to tax the very largest corporations in this country to raise funds to pay for these investments. Think what it would have been like if our country had never developed basic utilities. Think of all the items that run on electricity in your own home. By providing access to all Americans, you build the economy and expand business in all parts of the country. I am sure that large corporations will fight this tooth and nail, but their fears are the same faced by this country every time there is innovations in our technology.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Gateway Center-City of Albuquerque’s dumping ground for the homeless

Do not get me wrong I am all for housing for the homeless but strongly feel that all six city council districts should share evenly in the responsibility of helping the city’s unhoused population. Mayor Tim Keller went on the news to tell residents living near the Coronado Park that they should apply pressure on the City Council to force zoning changes that would allow him to dump all the homeless from the Coronado Park onto Gibson in the Gateway Center.

Mayor Keller does not care about the residents of the Southeastern part of the City of Albuquerque. So much for One Albuquerque. The homeless population already in the area have destroyed businesses on San Mateo and San Pedro. They are now moving into the Ridgecrest and Parkland Hills area and are now attempting to break into apartments, cars and homes.  

Once the Gateway Center opens all the drug and alcohol issues will move to the southern part of the city. The few remaining businesses will be forced to move just to survive. Residents will be forced to move out of the area in order to feel safe and that part of the city will become a slum. Property values will drop like a rock.

The City has zero credibility when it comes to how the Gateway Center will be run since they totally lack the foresight to plan for all the negative consequences of a homeless center that large near local communities. The people in the area surrounding the area are not rich like in the Country Club area where Mayor Keller and his family have a nice home.