Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview with Bernalillo County Sheriff Candidate Pat Davis

Today I spoke with Pat Davis who is running for the position of Bernalillo County Sheriff about what he means when he talks about community policing.

Next we talked about the usage of technology in keeping the voting public informed here in the county of Bernalillo. Santa Fe has a real time alert system that sends messages to your face book/twitter accounts to alert the public on many different emerging issues.

Pat Davis has had the experience of having worked in Washington DC during the difficult security period around the 9/11 attack and wants to bring those skills to our county to improve the sheriff’s office which is something that the past sheriff failed to do during his terms in office.

With violent crime and property crime being major issues both in our county and our city it would service the public to have the most skilled and experienced people we can find in leadership positions of our law enforcement.