Thursday, September 14, 2017

The danger of being a pedestrian and a bus rider in the City of Albuquerque

This is my rant on this issue. I am trying to get a healthy amount of walking in during the day. I also decided to try our bus system within the city. I want to be environmentally proactive.

The major issues with this are: 

  1. The dangers of walking to the bus stop are many. Especially when you are a handicapped old woman. Nothing prepares you for the fact that even when you have the light to cross a major streets such as Gibson and San Mateo that cars will keep turning right on red. People who work at the military base feel entitled to run walkers down if you dare to step off the curb at an intersection. Just this morning I had a hard time crossing the street even though the crossing light was clearly on. Drivers don’t think they have to follow the traffic laws because there is no one to enforce them. The police are far too busy guarding the local Wal-Mart to be bothered with enforcing traffic laws in this city. 
  2. Now once you get to the bus stop then you have to deal with the homeless who have taken up living on the benches at the bus stops. Drug deals are only too common at those benches and out in the open in most cases. Drunks are not even pretending to be sober.  Again no police present whatsoever. The criminals and homeless think it is OK to drive normal working people away from the area. Why would any women feel safe at a bus stop when homeless people are asking to use their phones or asking for money or even offering them a beer? 
  3.  After you get on the bus then you have to deal with the drug addicts and the criminals that have been released from jail. People are often talking about what crime that they have committed on their phones. They tell the drive that they are going to see their parole office. They share stories about their crimes with other people on the bus. And the mentally ill and homeless that can get enough money to ride the bus are only too willing to take up five or six seats with their personal belongs. They are very on guard to protect their belongings and won’t allow anyone near them. They will attack for no reason if you get too close so you end up having to stand and hold on to a strap.  Perfectly healthy people will take up the front seats designed for handicapped and the elderly.You got to be a fool if you think they are going to move.

So my question to the people running for mayor is what are you going to do to change these issues and make it safe for working people to ride the bus system in this city?  If things don't change in a major way then why are you spending our hard earned taxpayer dollars on a system to transport criminals, the mentally ill and homeless people?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Unity Not a Pronoun But a Verb!

When you speak to democrats lately, their first question is Berniecrat or Hillarycrat. You have to wonder how a party that is so divided into camps can every come together.

The strange thing about this is that for the most part when it comes to issues they all agree and support the same causes.
  1. Opposed to war. Not one young person should every have to give their life for an unworthy cause.
  2. Moving toward green energy as fast as possible.
  3. Treating Immigrants with respect and helping them to get their citizenship.
  4. Protecting our air, water, and planet for future generations.
  5. Making sure that everyone has healthcare and preventive care.
  6. Getting money out of politics
  7. A good education for everyone.
  8. Jobs that supply a wage which makes it possible to live a good middle class life.
  9. Treating women as equals and allowing them to make their own decisions when it comes to work or child bearing. Allowing them to be in control of their family planning.
  10. Supporting law enforcement that is there to protect the public from harm and who treat the public with honor, duty, and respect.

Ask any democrat no matter which group they say they belong to and theses will always be among their top priorities.  

Not everyone wants to be rich and treat people like they are in another class. We leave that to the republicans in this country. Most, maybe not all democrats want to work hard and treat people with respect and fairness. Yet those same individuals are only too willing to hate someone because of who they supported in the last Presidential election. 

The anger must stop and the hate must stop!

When people ask me what I am; I tell them that I am a Democrat! All the rest is in the past.