Monday, October 23, 2017

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

With the departure of President Obama and the filling of the leadership vacuum of the Republican Party, is our country fated to see the end of our current form of government. Has the pendulum finally swung too far?  

Currently we are facing the possibility of Nuclear War with North Kora. Nothing is being done to attempt to pull our nations back from a war that could have major effects on our population and our environment for generations to come.

The environment is being endangered by a president who has no idea of the damage his policies could cause in the near future. Our country is doing nothing to prepare for major storms and other natural environmental hazards that are being created by global climate change. The damage caused by these events are costing our country larger sums of cash because we are not prepared for them in advance.  Even the wall that the president wants on our southern border could cause serious damage to wild live in that area.

The hate that is being promoted by the current president is causing serious damage in human relationships between individuals in our society. People are fighting and yes even killing others all in the name of culture and politics. Even the church has started to understand that in order to keep the peace they must keep candidates and their supporters away from each other when getting to know how they stand on issues. The fighting never ends within the parties. Some would love to see our society destroyed and replace with an extreme version of their ideal society.  

Hope is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Unity is a fine idea but I question if it is obtainable at this point in history. It is sad to see extreme individuals who would not have been taken seriously in the past rise to power and control both in our party and in our government.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Democrat Infighting! No hope for the future

As the media is pointing out, Berniecrats are looking to divide the party. They don’t want to hear what the voters have to say on issues. They don't care about anyone point of view but their own.  Their candidates are not supported by mainstream Americans. Their platform issues are far too extreme to ever get pasted into law. They are working hard to get republicans and Trump reelected in 2018 and 2020. Their whole heart desire is to start a civil war.

Their hate and anger wants nothing more than to destroy the Democratic process and to remove all laws and rules resulting in total pandemonium. I fear that in New Mexico they are insuring that Republicans will win every race. I have no hope for a brighter future with these individuals in charge of our party.God help us all!