Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Tea Party

We need to stir the hearts and souls of our party to revolt in the say way that the Republican Party is doing right now. We need to create a “Green Tea Party Movement” within our own party. A party that cares more about people then money. Candidates that are great rather then middle of the road can’t be told from a republican when you speak to them about major issues. Candidates who have public service at the heart of their soul and refuse to win by being bought out by rich overpaid administrators, lobbyists or corporations.

Our party needs more candidates that care about the common man and woman in this state and that is only too willing to put them before their own personal gains. Candidates that value green jobs so that we can put New Mexicans back to work and rise the tax base in this state while protecting the environment for our child and our grandchildren. Candidates who will fight to put every cent in the classrooms and not just hand it over to their high paid good friends in the educational administrations around the state.

Green tea as pointed out by one of my close friends is suppose to be healthy for people but it does not have to taste good for those candidates who would put their own personal goals before the voting public.

We need elected officials who do not waste tax payer’s dollars on issue and corporations that simply don’t need the money. Corporations who will simply ship their tax dollars out of state in a time of difficult economic environment. We need elected officials who understand how to create jobs in this state; and candidates who will value small business owners who put their heart and soul into building their businesses that put people back to work in our state.

The Green Tea Party should be made up of voters with true blue hearts who know and respect the core values of the Democratic Party. We don’t want members of any hate group or people who would attack women or children because of their legal status. We also want candidates who will value our troops overseas and who will respect the individuals who work hard everyday at our national labs to create future technologies that will keep us from future wars. We need federal programs that will put people back to work rebuilding our country infrastructure so that our country can rebuild out of the ashes of the current republican caused economic recession.

The Green Tea Party should back candidates in the federal government who demand reform on a national level when it comes to immigration reform. Candidates who demand healthcare for all Americans at a affordable price tag. Candidates who fight to balance the budget on the shoulders of the riches Americans and not the poorest ones. It is truly Un-American to fight tax increases for the rich while making poor women and child paid the price for rich Americans tax relief.

The time for a democratic grassroots revolt has come and if we fail to see the need for it then we fail to protect the weakest members of our society and that truly makes us an uncivilized society as so many of our state level candidates are at present.

The Grace of Charity and the Benefit of Birth Rights

I always love it when rich and powerful new money individuals talk about sacrifice from the middle class and low income individuals. New money people are those who started their life as poor children of families with disabilities or dirt poor single parents who had no education or no hope of a better life. These children were taught to hate people of lower social classes above anyone else and were taught to turn their backs on family and friends to achieve higher levels of social class by means of money. They have no problem taking money from dirt poor families if it will make them more richer and more powerful. It is a win at all cost mentality.

Rich children and some middle class children on the other hand are taught from birth to lend a helping hand to individuals of all social classes. As privileged Americans they are taught to close the divide between the haves and the have not. It is their social and moral duty to sacrifice their own well being for that of lower social classes.

Now this comes through when people enter political life because children of old money still feel that need to sacrifice their own personal goals to help people in need. This is truly exampled by people like U.S. Senator Tom Udall who was raised in a well off family who taught public service above personal goals. The same can be said of Congressman Martin Heinrich who feels the need to stand up for this state no matter which side the issue falls on politically. These men have the values of public service at heart above all else. They put the needs of the have not’s before the needs of the haves. They understand that to be well off means to be asked to sacrifice for their country.

On the other side of that spectrum are the new money rich people like CNM President Kathy Winograd and her good friends Diane Denish and Brian Colon. These individuals started life in low to middle class families. Kathy Winograd grew up in a one bedroom apartment in the same city where my family owned large amounts of land. My family were powerful people who taught public service to their children and grandchildren. Kathy’s family taught gains in power at all cost no matter who it harmed. Kathy’s father was a man who would cross a picket line and take the job of a union worker even if it meant harm to the regular works in those mines. Denish was the child of a man who handout small bottles of Jack Daniels to voters so that they would vote for him. She was accused by her own family of convincing her father to hand over his money to her and to give little to none to the rest of the family. Colon stayed in New Mexico when his disabled family moved across country for their health because his family knew they would only have been a drag on him in the long run to his rise to political power.

In this country at this point in time we need individuals who are willing to sacrifice and to ask the haves to sacrifice in order to close the divide between the haves and the have not. We need people who are willing to stand up to new money haves and to demand sacrifice so that the have not individuals can have a chance at the American dream. We need political leaders who care about how to raise the have not individuals to higher levels of income and success. Sacrifice is something that must start at the top money earners in this state which means increases in taxes for them and lower top salaries to achieve those goals.

Judges in the Bernalillo County Second District Court understand these core democratic values. They have freely and willingly handed over money from their own paychecks to keep lay offs to a minimum. They chose to layoff higher wages earners in order to provide service to the public by increasing the number of clerks in the clerks office. For these brave male and female judges it is all about fair and balanced justice for all no matter the income level.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blame the Teachers and Their Union

Nationally elected officials, state candidates and public celebrities are beginning to blame the teachers for the poor job done in educating the state’s children. What they don’t begin to address is the greedy educational administration who have drained our classrooms of every thin dime. How can we begin to afford hundred thousand dollar salaries when teachers don’t have materials and textbooks to teach the classes? Teachers are also facing increased classroom sizes which have been proven to reduce the quality of education.

How are teachers to get large numbers of children interested when they have no textbooks, too many state enforced unfunded bubble exams, no chemicals and little time per student to teach their classes? Who is to blame when administration sends two sets of textbooks to some schools while sending none to others? Why are educational administrators dragging their feet in transferring those materials to schools that need them?

Parents need to understand that their job is to ensure that their children are studying not just doing their homework at home and that the children understand that it is their responsibility to care about their own education. Parents should write emails to teachers requesting to know where their children’s textbooks are so that teachers can use those letters to demand the material they need to teach the classes.

Teachers need support and assistances to better their skills in the classrooms but funding for those issues have been cut so as to protect highly paid administrators overpriced salaries.

If state legislators want to cut the educational budget why not start at the top rather then cutting funding for our students? The answer is what Lt. Governor Diane Denish has said. “The educational administrators are my friends.” That along with lobbyist which by the way are paid for by our tax educational dollars are why teachers don’t have the needed supplies to provide a quality education to our children in this state.

If anyone needs to sacrifice in this state it should be the only too well paid educational administration and the overpaid lobbyists that they hire to protect their salaries. Lump sum payments to schools systems is a failed method which only encourages administrators to give themselves outrages pay raises just ask CNM President Kathy Winograd.

11 Second District Court Employees Laid Off Friday

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” Judges and court administration have been meeting often lately to attempt to find the best most economic ways to continue to serve the public with the small amount of funding they are receiving for the state this year.

Lines in the clerk’s office have been long as of late. Friday I saw lines that were at least two hours long while people waited to file paperwork. Positions in the clerks office have not been filled in an attempt to save money but with the pay being so low it has not be of a great help in resolving the problem of lowered funding from the state.

Positions that were cut Friday were in other areas of the courthouse but the information or effects it might have on the process were not released to the public today. Court employees are working as hard as they can to provide the correct service to the public but more money is needed for more employees.

At present the clerk’s office is 26% down in employees who would provide service to the public and lawyers. The people in those lines are often upset or angry to begin with and being forced to wait for two hours has had the predictable consequence of angry outburst by those in line.

State Legislators must look at ways this January to provide more funding to the legal system in this city to prevent future harm to those working in the clerk’s office and to ensure fair and balanced justice to the voting public in the Bernalillo County.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Money, Money, Money

This next week President Obama and Vice President Biden will both be coming to New Mexico to raise funds for Democratic candidates. Too bad they cannot give the candidate the morals or values that would help them win the election in November.

My daughter call those candidates money sucking leeches. They take your money which you have little of and then support rich high paid individuals who can pay lobbyist and make large donations to their campaigns. For these candidates it is all about winning at all cost. Why should they care about a handicapped single mother who is being persecuted by top paid educational administration. How could one handicapped single mother matter to these people? They would rather see that person in a wheelchair rather then to standup for that person’s civil rights.

This is the 20th year of the ADA laws so you would think that a lawyer who is running for the top job in our state government would be only too happy to support that federal law but clearly friendships, cronyism, comes before federal laws when it comes to those individuals in this state.

If these people are elected we will watch as those educational administrators with the help of a new governor and lieutenant governor suck, like a swarm of leeches, the classrooms dry of the few dollars that are left. K-12 teachers already don’t have the textbooks or the supplies they need to even teach their classes. Schools are falling down piece by piece but these candidates will never support money going any place but the salaries of top educational administrators. They will turn a blind eye and a deft ear to the cries of parents, children, teachers, and teacher support staff in this state.

It is a pity that our president and our vice president do not understand who they are supporting this next week. Perhaps it is time that the democrats started their own green tea party movement which supports budget cuts from the top down rather then the bottom up.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Judicial Performance Evaluation

So if you don’t know much about the judges in the local court systems how do you decided who to support and who to vote no on in the next election?

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission just published it review of judges in New Mexico who are running this November in retention races. The results are on this link: Three judges received do not retain for poor knowledge and skills from local attorneys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ethics Vs. Elections When is it wrong to put a policial career before voters

The question of the day is when is it more important to stand up for the party platform and what you know to be the right thing to do, and will that harm a candidate’s chance of getting elected.

I must admit that I liked what State Representative Al Parks had to say about the issue. He said that getting elected was not worth giving up his morals. I simply would never vote for anyone that told me that standing up for what was right would just have to wait until they were elected.

The Denish/Colon team has lost sight of this or maybe it was never a part of their value system in the first place because they have made some very bad calls on serious issues that face this state. Today I decided to ask some of the other candidates and elected officials what their option was when it came to this very fundamental question of ethics. Don’t think for one minute that I will not hold them to their statements in the future.

I also approached Congressman Martin Heinrich on this issue at the party picnic and gave him an out off camera if he wanted it when it come to immigration. I was very pleased to find that our congressman stood strong on his values and was willing to take on this very difficult issue during an election year at the federal level even though he knew that he might loss votes because of his stand. His values for human life and dignity came before his political career. Pity that we cannot say the same about Denish/Colon.

Non Candidate State Senator Tim Keller

Monday, September 6, 2010

Can’t Afford to Voter for Denish/Colon

The president of CNM Kathy Winograd wants the Union to give her the right to cut our pay without any form of bargain in the future. She has already taking away my right to substitute teach this last term even after I have substitute taught the same classes for the past ten year. This cut my paycheck by $3,000 a year.

Today I had to tell my teenage daughter that we could not afford to pay the phone bill for the next two weeks. So I would ask Denish/Colon to give me a call but I don’t have a home phone or a work phone right now since they also took my office desk and my phone away at work to save money and to give my desk to an administrator even thought I am handicapped. Now I have to walk around on a cane because they don’t want me to have a desk.

I asked Denish and Colon both for help but the answer was no because they are friends with Kathy Winograd and they sided with her. How is this fighting for the people who need help? I can’t afford to be friends with Denish or Colon right now since Winograd cut my pay.

The only thing I can do is speak out against people who support Educational Administration when it harms low income families like mine.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

If there is one issue that needs to be addressed this election year it is jobs. New Mexicans are sick of seeing jobs going away in this state. We need the security of a paycheck that can cover the cost of living. Nothing inspires voters more then the fear of not being able to pay their bills and provide for their families. The basic law of survival is beginning to take control over all other needs and wants this election year.

We have watched as public companies have laid people off and cut back income from the ones they keep. Government jobs are doing the same cutting from the bottom up as administration adds more jobs and higher pay to their ranks. Million dollar sweetheart deals are obscene at a time like this but are still being publicized because the administration simply does not care about our children or for that matter their lower income employees.

Government bureaucrats don’t begin to support the voters. They feel entitled to privileges when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars on themselves while protecting people who fail to serve the public interest. No one is being held accountable for a job done poorly in this state. Voters are showing their anger in inappropriate behaviors when bureaucrats face the public for wrong doing because of their lack of support in private. Also their complete out-of-touch lack of willingness to work with the very people that they are representing.

The bureaucrats want to blame their failures on the people lower down the income ladder. What is far more troubling is that they have spent their money buying friends with influence in both parties that will sided with them against frontline workers over the next four years. Candidates simply don’t want to hear any negative details about their good friends who support them with the money taking from low income workers salaries.

Immigration and driver licenses are big issues not because we fear immigrates or want to treat them badly but because they are taking jobs at a time when native born voters cannot find employment. Illegal immigrates have come to expect rights, goods and yes government services that they are not entitled to in the first place, and they are showing no ability to work hard or even be grateful for the benefits received at a time when we do not have enough to go around. Their lack of humility will in the end cost them dearly in this state.

The only ways out of this position is to find ways to bring jobs to this state and generate new jobs through small business development. Government candidates must begin to understand that voters will not support a candidate that will side with bureaucrats. They must be forced to take off the blinders and see what is happening on the frontlines if change for the better is to begin to happen in this state. There can be no new way forward if the candidates are blindly supportive of close personal friends who are the bureaucrats in this state.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It’s the Economy Stupid!

Our economy is making life for New Mexican’s very difficult. We just can’t afford more tax increases at this point in time. My workplace the states largest community college has seen record enrollment because people are out of work yet little to nothing is being said about job creation.

The current candidates are only too friendly with the wrong people who don’t care about working voters who face pay cuts to support their bad habits of large salaries and lavish new buildings with large offices for the government bureaucrats.

I foresee this problem becoming even worse as one of these individuals takes office. They will be forced to cut the budget in the coming months. These women will cut from the bottom up and make sure to protect their bureaucrat friends in the process. It is only too clear that they don’t care about hard working middle class and working poor voters or their families for that matter. The commercials that proclaim they will fight for families and their children are nothing more then lies.

Parents and students will be the ones to pay the near term price for these future budget cuts as more skilled workers are forced out of the educational workplace just in order to make a living. The ultimate price will be paid by every resident of New Mexico as we fail to product a skilled workforce in this state.

Our current crop of local candidates have a lack of skills and foresight to deliver success to this state when it comes to the economy. They are far to in bed with government bureaucrats who are their close personal friends. New Mexico and New Mexican voters will be the ones to pay the price during the next four years. At this point I can see no reason to help put any of these candidates into our state government. Let their bureaucrat friends get them elected.

The only bright spot is on the federal level where we have congressmen in the north and central parts of our state who do care about working families. These men are carrying the lions share of providing funding for education that should be covered by a state budget that works and promotes new job development. One where if budget cuts are needed they are carried out by cutting from the top down. One where waste is the first thing to go and over staffing of bureaucrats are the first to be cut.