Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Tea Party

We need to stir the hearts and souls of our party to revolt in the say way that the Republican Party is doing right now. We need to create a “Green Tea Party Movement” within our own party. A party that cares more about people then money. Candidates that are great rather then middle of the road can’t be told from a republican when you speak to them about major issues. Candidates who have public service at the heart of their soul and refuse to win by being bought out by rich overpaid administrators, lobbyists or corporations.

Our party needs more candidates that care about the common man and woman in this state and that is only too willing to put them before their own personal gains. Candidates that value green jobs so that we can put New Mexicans back to work and rise the tax base in this state while protecting the environment for our child and our grandchildren. Candidates who will fight to put every cent in the classrooms and not just hand it over to their high paid good friends in the educational administrations around the state.

Green tea as pointed out by one of my close friends is suppose to be healthy for people but it does not have to taste good for those candidates who would put their own personal goals before the voting public.

We need elected officials who do not waste tax payer’s dollars on issue and corporations that simply don’t need the money. Corporations who will simply ship their tax dollars out of state in a time of difficult economic environment. We need elected officials who understand how to create jobs in this state; and candidates who will value small business owners who put their heart and soul into building their businesses that put people back to work in our state.

The Green Tea Party should be made up of voters with true blue hearts who know and respect the core values of the Democratic Party. We don’t want members of any hate group or people who would attack women or children because of their legal status. We also want candidates who will value our troops overseas and who will respect the individuals who work hard everyday at our national labs to create future technologies that will keep us from future wars. We need federal programs that will put people back to work rebuilding our country infrastructure so that our country can rebuild out of the ashes of the current republican caused economic recession.

The Green Tea Party should back candidates in the federal government who demand reform on a national level when it comes to immigration reform. Candidates who demand healthcare for all Americans at a affordable price tag. Candidates who fight to balance the budget on the shoulders of the riches Americans and not the poorest ones. It is truly Un-American to fight tax increases for the rich while making poor women and child paid the price for rich Americans tax relief.

The time for a democratic grassroots revolt has come and if we fail to see the need for it then we fail to protect the weakest members of our society and that truly makes us an uncivilized society as so many of our state level candidates are at present.