Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brian Colón on the Future of Education in Our State

Brian Colón answered questions about education in a crowded room during his campaign headquarters grand opening. Over 150 people turned out to see the candidate speak.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Karen Montoya to Launch Re-Election Campaign for County Assessor

Karen Montoya’s Re-Election Campaign Kick-off!

Launch Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Time of Event: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Where: Artichoke Café, 424 Central Avenue SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Hosted by: Ambassador Ed Romero, County Treasurer Patrick Padilla, Albuquerque City Council President Ken Sanchez, Tesse Salas, Connie Beimer, Luisa Casso,Dan Lyons, Laura Horten, Jackie Bregman, Nancy Denker.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Congressman Martin Heinrich Visited CNM to Spotlight Green Job Training

Congressman Martin Heinrich today visited the New “Green” Workforce Training Center on the main campus of the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque New Mexico to spotlight a grant that will provide six million dollars for green job training within the state of New Mexico.

The Congressman was given a short briefing by CNM instructors on the program followed by a tour of the program areas.

The congressman answers questions by the press and by instructors of the local community college on green job training funding and even electric cars.

The congressman has his degree in engineering and once even raced a solar car during his own college years.

The congressman stated that he supports funding two year colleges to provide the best educational opportunities for New Mexicans and to provide workers for the new green economy.

The local community college was more than happy to provide a tour for the congressman of the newly remodeled school of Applied Technologies which is now seeing a renewed interest by unemployed New Mexicans and individuals who are in the trade industry but looking to upgrade their skills so as to take advantage of the emerging green industry here in the state.

Talk is Cheap so Let’s See Some Action Mr. President

Last evening President Obama said that he wants to create more new jobs to put people back to work on Main Street.

He said that the bank bailout was akin to a root canal. More like a root canal without the benefit of a pain killer for the Main Street voters.

Large banks have received the benefits of a bailout but refuse to lean to small businesses in this country. So yes the money to help small businesses should go to small in state banks that are more concerned with their customer’s success then profits. And yes we should fine the big banks for their bad behavior and let’s see if more local banks don’t start getting more customers because of it. The big banks are welcome to raise their fees and people should consider moving to smaller local banks to show just how much they support that action.

The senate republicans may now have 41 votes but it is true that they now share responsible for how our federal government goes forward and that means no more blockades unless they want voters to explain that democrats are not the only ones facing a difficult election year in 2010. At this point in time we want new people with new ideas that work and we want to see them find a way to work with others without losing sight of what and who sent them to Washington in the first place.

I am glad that our president sees the value of a two year education but he does not begin to understand the system. He wants to make education cheaper for students by cutting the cost but with a top heavy administration that puts their own needs before those of the students all he may get is poorer services for his demands and very unhappy front line teachers and support staff.

The two years college administrators raises their own pay while cutting cost by cutting employees and pay for educators and support staff and they also increasing classroom sizes while cutting support services for students. All of this along with top down pressure to cut cost could cause great harm to our two year college system in the future.

But all the news is not dreadful the talk of more investment in green jobs could help New Mexico in the coming years as we watch more green energy producing companies move to our state and maybe in the future we could see our own New Mexicans start their own local green energy businesses.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State Auditor Hector Balderas a Brian Colón Supporter

Colón Birthday Party-Standing Room Only

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Brian Colón and his family sure know how to throw a party. With just a few hundred of his closest friends Brian turned 40 last evening. Can we say WOW!

Party guests were having to walk for blocks just to find parking. I had to walk more then two blocks just to find a parking place. I am sure his neighbors just love him on days like yesterday evening.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lawrence Rael Opens Campaign Office

What Matters Most?

It will be interesting to see what matters most to our federal government’s elected officials over the next few weeks and months when it comes to bills passed.

The main street economy is facing some difficult times and we need bills passed that would help main street individuals. At present political figures are faced with a U.S Supreme Court ruling that would allow large corporations to buy the votes of the America people through huge corporate advertisement which would drown out the voices of the voting public and in some respects even the candidates themselves.

Voters have to wonder which issues will be more important to the federal government over the coming months. Will the federal government spend more time on a bill that would help them get reelected or on fixing the economy? Will they rush a bill through that would protect their mid-term elections before one that would reduce unemployment?

The Republican Party is enjoying placing the Democratic Party in a very difficult position where they are faced with a no win situation. It is like the old joke of if two family members are drowning which one do you save and which one do you let die?

The Democratic Party must find a way to save both the economy and voters rights during the next few months. If they fail on either issue it will cost them dearly in the mid-term elections which will impact how the Obama Administration does in the run up to the 2012 elections.

But most importantly if they fail it will cost the America voting public dearly and we will be faced with a Republican Administration who will cut services to the poor, do away with public education once and for all, harm people who are not of this country and make the rich even richer to the point of unstabilizing the foundation of our country.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Interview with Maggie Hart Stebbins

Maggie announced her run for District 3 Bernalillo County commissioner. She is calling for increased investment in our local community, honest government, affordable healthcare, protecting our natural resources and improving public safety.

We sat down for a few minutes to talk about some of the local issues in District 3.

Talk Radio: Spreading the Hate Without Ethical Care

I have friends who are republicans and although I totally disagree with some of their views on issues I just don’t see the kind of hate in them that you hear on talk radio. I can’t believe that they hate people as much as the people who call into talk radio.

The people who call into those programs on hate radio don’t ever begin to care about anyone but themselves. They hate liberals, the poor, and anyone who was not born in this country. It is scary to hear exactly how strong their anger is toward over half the people who live in this country.

I have to wonder about the people who work for those stations since they encourage this type of anger and hate. They give voice to people who are clearly very disturbed mentally. I have to wonder if they are encouraging these people to harm individuals rather then to face the real world and their own mental problems. How is this not like screaming fire in a crowded theater?

Talk Radio does not give a fair or balanced view of the news when a reporter reports the news just to have the D.J. inject his own negative commits right after the report. There is no one there to take the side of the liberal view on these issues. No one to calm the anger or hate.

How long will it be before one of these radio stations is directly linked in the act of home grown terrorism in our state? How will they feel if someone they know is killed in an attack by a mentally ill listener who was encouraged by their station to express his or her hate of our local government?

News reporters if ethical must face the fact that words can cause actions as we all know and that by encouraging anger and yes even hate toward local government without regard to providing a path to constructively channel that anger is very dangerous especially if the person is mentally unstable.

Conservatives Message to Liberals

Conservatives in New Mexico have unspeakable answers to how we should fix the state budget.

  • No increases in taxes so that the rich only get richer. Conservatives are wearing black ribbons to show their support to prevent tax increases. Why don't they just wear a black arm band?
  • Don’t medically treat the poor or illegal aliens let them die on the streets rather then treat them.
  • Don’t pay for services that feed poor children because it takes money from the rich that they want in their own bank accounts.
  • Don’t help handicapped individuals let them be put out on the streets in the cold better that they should die and decrease the surplus population rather then receive benefits from state government.
  • Do away with public education since only poor children need it and if we don’t feed them than they can die and decrease the population.

One does have to wonder how these people can justify these types of inhumanity to their fellow New Mexicans and still look themselves in the face in the morning. Not since the end of World War II have we seen this type of hate by a group of people who fear everyone that is not like themselves.

It is one thing to cut the large overpaid administration in this state but all together another to harm handicapped, poor families, small children and the middle class to spare the rich in New Mexico.

Unfair labor laws in states like New Mexico only encourages rich businesses owners to pay slave wages with little to no benefits (Corporate Welfare) and then force decreases in services to the poor and the middle class during difficult economic times.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Special Interest Victory

The U.S. Supreme Court in a landmark decision has once again proved that Corporate America is more important than the voting public in this country. This is the direct results of placing a bad judge on the court system for a life time appointment with no ability given to the voters for a recall.

Their decision to give corporations unlimited abilities to buy advertising time and no limits on when they can do advertising will take control of our country away from the voters and put it squarely in the hands of Wall Street.

This is a failure of the Bush Administration who handed us judges that put business before the intent of the founding fathers and the American people. The constitution has no real meaning for these conservative judges who place not value in that document.

Voters are going to need civic classes just to give them the tools to understand the truth when it comes to our system of government. America has now become a country where our government power seats are put up for the highest bidder and will be owned by corporations who fund their own candidates.

In the future we should start calling our elected official by the corporation that owns them. For example: Senator Motors or Congressman Oil and Power Company. Law will now allow these corporations to pollute our environment and harm our everyday main street residents.

It is now up to a poorly lead federal government to craft a bill that would limit within the constitution the rights and abilities of corporations to do election-engineering. Corporations are artificial entities and should have no rights to affect the outcome of an election which would result in the control our government. Corporation should not be given the same rights of free speech as individuals.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Someone called me a progressive blogger yesterday. I can’t say that my blogging style is not unbiased. I will leave unbiased reporting up to news reporters like Peter St. Cyr. He does a good job despise all of the difficulties faced by a job like his.

My column is not written for conservatives because I don’t support their views on issues that matter to our communities around the state.

Do I criticize my own party? You bet I do! I am not trying to paint roses and hearts where there are none but I want to be honest about the issues that matter to progressives and women in my state.

We elect people to represent our views and create laws and bills that help further our view points. We want them to build government that supports our core values in life.

Those values are small business, a well educated workforce capable of earning good wages, a safe and friendly environment that supports a healthy life style for ourselves and our children. Open and honest government that is answerable to the voters and not lobbyists for big business or large institutions.

Rush Limbaugh loves to scream on his program that people like me don’t support uncontrolled big business which sends most of its revenues out of state, I also don’t support hate based on anything that a person does not have control over such as skin color, sex or place of origin. I don’t support the rich becoming even richer at the expense of the poor or the destruction of our environment for no other reason than profit.

Have I always been this type of person? NO! I grew up in a republican family that would have loved Rush Limbaugh and who would have supported everything he says. I worked for big business and make lots of money for them. I don’t need to hear their voices because I grew up in that environment and understand their views only too well.

Over the next few weeks I like many others will travel to our state’s capital and talk with law makers there to encourage them to support the values I want made into laws. Funding for any issue is a major project when it comes to legislation pasted during these sessions.

I would encourage every progressive voter and women who cares about their state to make a call or pay a visit and make your views known to our state’s lawmakers during the next thirty days.

Lawmakers can only base their votes on what the public says to them and what the lobbyists say to them so which would you rather they use when voting on laws that effect our state’s residents. Trust me when I say that the conservatives in this state are not shy about making their views known to our lawmakers.

Progressives not Fired Up Over Healthcare Reform Bill

Yesterday in Massachusetts voters sent a strong message to the President of the United States. Sir you are not listening to what we want.

The president was forced to face the grim reality that even the liberal base will not vote for a senator who blindly supports healthcare that is not reform.

The president should have known that it is not the republicans who will vote for him but the democrats who he has turned his back on ever since the election just one short year ago.

Liberals in the Democratic Party have been forced to face a Wall Street bailout, a second war, rising unemployment, home foreclosures, and now a healthcare bill without a public option so is it any wonder that they did not support a democratic candidate picked and supported by the party leaders.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction and we are spending all our hard earned tax dollars in all the wrong places so when will the president understand that this is not the change we voted for last year.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Governor Bill Richardson's Final Address to the New Mexico Legislature

Complete Transcript of Speech here.

State Roundhouse-Not Just Cold on the Outside

Today was the start of the 30 day session for our state’s legislature. A number of prefiled bills were sent to committee. State Senator Tim Keller with a prefiling of over 30 bills out numbered all the rest. Many were teasing the young progressive senator for all the bills.

One state senator point out that it cost the state $26 per page and we had a red faced young senator. It is good to see that Senator Keller feels like he can make a difference in his home state of New Mexico. Senator Keller has a number of ideas on education and small business development that look good to progressive supporters.

One can only hope that some of this young progressive senator’s energy will rub off on the rest of the aging state senators. We could use a lot more good ideas on how to fix the state's budget problems. At present the left and right are taking hard stands in an attempt to show who is the strongest.

The real work does not start until the committees gets a chance to review the bills and decide which ones will make it to the senate floor. Today the governor took the hard lined approach that he would not sign a bill that would cut teacher pay and that the senate had better not send him one unless they want to find out how willing he will be to use his pen on it.

The governor was working hard to convince the legislature that now was the time to cut the state budget and encourage the growth of business. He pointed out that a number of new clean energy businesses will be opening in oil country down south.

Open government has not been brought up this session as of yet but it is interesting that both the left and the right view it as a good move in making government accountable to the voting public. The next step would be to open up committee hearings since that is where the lobbyist show their displeasure with bills that never make it to the floor.

Santa Fe was flooded with elected official who wanted to hear the last speech Governor Bill Richardson would give to the joint legislature as our state's governor.

Monday, January 18, 2010

“I have a dream”

Words spoken 40 years ago by a man who wanted peace and equality for all in our country. Forty years later we are at war in two countries and the divide between the rich and the poor has grown even larger.

Man’s inhumanity to man can be heard every time you turn on talk radio. Hate is the only reaction that you can get from the Republican Party who refuse to work for a better tomorrow for all.

On a day like today everyone should come together and try to make peace. Just one step forward in the right direction is one less step backward.

New Mexico State Senator Tim Keller's Views on the State Budget

Tomorrow is the start of the January 30 day session and over the last few days I have posted progressives Representatives and Senator who have a lot of good ideas on how to fix the state's budget problems. I will be traveling to Santa Fe tomorrow to cover the start of this session. Both Representatives and Senators are asking that you call their offices to show you support on the issues.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

State Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton on the Budget

State Representative Al Park on Budget Issue and Values

Domenici Jr. in the Race for Governor

Pete Domenici Jr., an Albuquerque lawyer, who has no political experience but carries a big last name in New Mexico politics, has announced today that he will run for governor. The Republican Party up to this point has failed miserable to give their voters any reason to care about the governor’s race.

Domenici’s father left office due to questions about ethics and medical issues so should we wonder about the example set at home for this man? With no political experience and a poor sense of timing due to the major sporting events this month one does have to wonder just how serious he is about becoming governor.

With a future of no money for the budget we can ill afford to have someone with no experience running our state government? Hard decisions will have to be made in the coming years and we want someone who cares about the children of this state and future small business development.

We know that the republicans want nothing more then to cut education at the classroom level until they get past the bone. Will democrats fight to protect their children’s future when it comes to jobs and education or will they allow the republicans to take control of our state‘s government at this crucial point in time?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progressive Reaction to Budget Cuts for Higher Education

If push come to shove the progressives are willing to make cuts to higher education based on salary level making sure to protect the lower paid employees but with local colleges cutting the starting salaries of low income employees one has to wonder just how effective those cuts will be and how much lower income employees will be protected. Local colleges have been know to use savings for the past year to offset cuts made by the state when it comes to income so would higher earning employees simply use savings from cutting low income earners beginning salaries to protect their own salaries? How far will rich vice presidents go to protect their own salaries during a year of budget cuts?

Just Plain Wrong

There is nothing more wrong then a teacher taking advantage of a student. In the past few weeks two Albuquerque Public School teachers have been accused of inappropriate relationships with young students. It does not matter which side of the political divide you are on everyone should understand the fact that teachers should never engage in romantic relationships with their students period. As a parent I find this behavior inexcusable. Teachers should be trusted individuals who act as mentors for our young people. Many of our teachers are great mentors and work hard to provide a quality education to our young children every day of their lives nevertheless it only takes one bad apple to cast a harmful shadow over all educators.

As an Educator I am appalled and sickened by the thought that someone could ever take advantage of a student no matter what the age. Our job places us in close contact with young people who should feel free to count on us to help them achieve their goals in life while encouraging independents. There can be no greater wrong then violating the trust and faith that a student places in a teacher.

The reality is that with our state paying low wages and cutting school budgets to the bone while paying outrages salaries to top administration who say one thing in public and quiet another in private to our state representatives it is no wonder that we are facing these problems. In order to attract quality educators you have to make education a priority. Educational administration has violated the trust of teacher far too often and as a result there is a total lack of trust which only encourages this type of problem.

Education should not be just a job only requiring the minimum skills but a career which people pledge their lives to and who receive pay that encourages the best that can be achieved for our children.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lt. Governor Diane Denish on the State Budget

Well spoken by our first female governor in the coming year!

Core values of the Democratic Party

Strong Message from Senator McSorley to UNM Regent Koch

Educational Blues

Educators are Not Rich!

Between the President and the Governor educators just might not have enough to live on this year.

The president wants to tax insurance policies and the governor wants to reduce salaries so where is the breaks in all of this for public educators. To begin some of us make less, far less, than $30,000 a year. We took a 1 ½ % pay decrease just last year.

The Democratic Party is suppose to support public education but with all of the hits we are taking this year and last year you have to begin to wonder who’s side they are on when it comes to education.

Someone please tell me how we are suppose to make ends meet when prices for food, gas, and housing keep going up and our paychecks keep dropping.

I think that the approach that State Senator Tim Jennings and State Senator John A. Smith have taken is unforgiveable and that they should find themselves out of a job next time they run for office.

The governor wants to take close to $300 a year out of low income educator’s salaries and the president wants another $250. If their behavior does not keep educators home from the polls in the future I don’t know what could. Republicans are sure to use this in an election year saying that teachers are not a priority for democrats and that we should just walk away while we have the chance.

I personally did not vote for this type of change.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Government Transparency

Healthcare and transparency… Ok, Mr. President what happened to open and honest government. Why is the healthcare bill being done in secret and why are you not listening to the American people.

When did the insurance companies get the right to buy all of the seats at the table and the American people are not even able to see and express their desires? We want to know what our representatives are saying during those meetings.

No one said that the republicans had to be invited to these meetings but don’t you think the American people should have been invited to watch these meetings.

Why is C-span being blocked from broadcasting these meeting to the American Public?

This is why we need more progressives in our government to protect the rights of the American People.

Partisan Politics--Missed Opportunity

Diplomatic relationships when it comes to national partisan politics are often a difficult area and President Obama has failed to bring together our nation’s leaders. We all know that the Republican Party is unwilling to make any attempts to work with our party members. President Obama should have been leading the party in shaming the republicans into working with our elected officials.

President Obama missed a wonderful opportunity to show the nation that he can act with good will toward his partisan enemy when he failed to visit conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in the hospital during the Christmas Holiday. Limbaugh suggested that it was his worst fear and that it might just have given him a real heart attack if he had dropped by for lunch. That of itself would have been a true reward for a visit to the sad drug addicted radio talk show host.

Limbaugh told a story on his show the other day that at a young age he was a supporter of the space program and could not understand why people did not work for the government for free in order to promote that program. You have to wonder where that sweet and loving child went and how badly his parents must have failed him in order to turn him into the hate filled drug addicted individual he is at present. One should feel honestly sorry for Limbaugh became he is off the deep end and not even republicans should pay this sick individual any real attention.

It is clear that the people who call into his show are individuals in desperate need of mental health treatment. They suffer from paranoid delusions and could be harmful to themselves as well as others. Mr. Limbaugh gives these poor unstable uneducated individuals a place to voice their wild insane rants. All I can say about that is better to have them on phones rather than on street corners.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

R-09-10 Help for Victims of Domestic Violence from City Council

Never give hugs to a political director of a radio station unless you want them to ask you questions on your writing that you don’t have the answers for nevertheless that is what follow up is all about in the business right.

So I emailed City Councilman Isaac Benton about the grant that would provide through The American Recovery and Reinvestment act money for two new positions, a court clerk and a domestic violence specialist officer, for one year.

I asked questions about the two positions this grant would be paying for in the next year. Job creation is part of what that bill is all about.

I wanted to know if it would create new jobs or if current employees would be used for the one year positions. I also wanted to know if there would be any additional cost to the city and what type of training the employees would receive.

Here are the answers I got back for the city councilman’s office.

  • APD will enter into an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Metro Court to allow the City to reimburse Metro for part of the cost of an employee.
  • APD wasn't sure if Metro Court would move an existing employee over or hire a new one but suspects it would be an existing employee since the grant is only for one-year.
  • The grant allows APD to pay specialty pay to officers at the Family Advocacy Center who receive Domestic Violence Training and get their DVSO designation.

With the issue of domestic violence and child abuse being seen as a major problem for our city because of the stress with the poor economy any support in this area no matter how limited can only help to protect these vulnerable individuals over the coming year and City Councilman Benton should be applaud for his efforts in this area of public safety. It is a welcome sight to the women of this city that we have a city councilman working on issues that matter to the women of this city and their families.

Educational Cuts of Fat in State Government

With the Legislature starting later this month on budget cuts we should be looking at real ways to cut educational costs. I make less than $30,000 a year and I have seen large numbers of cuts to staffing in the last six months. Those staff members work directly with students. My college is now forced to replace people at my level in order to keep the college running so now they are reducing starting salaries by $9,000 per employee.

The problem with this is that top administration has not had to face the same type of cuts. I think state legislators should look at capping college vice-presidents and presidents salaries at a reasonable sum. Let see if they could say $85,000 for vice-presidents since that is the salary for both the state treasurer and the state auditor. Second let’s say they cap college presidents at $185,000 for two year colleges and $400,000 for four year colleges. Lastly how about a 5% cut to any administration staff member who earns over $50,000 a year. Think of all the money on salaries and benefits this would save state government when it comes to educational cost.

By the way for those administrators who think this an outrage suggestion, please know that my salary is capped already and that I receive 21 days off mandatory each year without pay in lieu of paid vacation and paid holidays.

If after these types of cut the state still needed to cut my wages by 2% in order to help balance the state budget then I would be willing to accept the reduction without screams of rage after all should we all not be feeling the pain not just the poorly paid educators in this state?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valle De Atrisco Voted Down

Voters said no! the early results are in and it is a resounding No! 94.33% voting against and only 5.67% voting in favor with 31 out of 44 precincts reporting.

Voters are not looking for increased taxes at a time when the economy is bad. They already understand that state taxes must increase during the next years. The timing for Valle De Atrisco did not look promising with increased taxes and decreased services. Until the Valley gets a solid revenue producting industry like Rio Rancho there is little hope of creating a new town or city in that area.

93.44% voting against and only 6.56% voting in favor with 44 out of 44 precincts reporting.

Education Not a Major Priority for Legislative Finance Committee

The members of the Legislative Finance Committee on Monday took a stand and sent a clear message that public education does not matter to our state or future businesses when they proposed a 2% across the board cut for state educational employees no matter what their level of income. It is clear that they want state employees on welfare which they most likely also plan to cut back.

This committee is plainly run by uncaring republicans who would like nothing more than to do away with public education in the state of New Mexico. It would appear they only want private education for the very rich and nothing for the poorest which educators are fast becoming after a number of hits to their income for the last few sessions.

Even some of the more right leaning republicans are scratching their heads and wondering why the committee did not try to exclude low income employees from this current round of cuts. Perhaps the Republican Party plans on blaming this on the Democrats so they can gain more seats in the coming elections after all they do claim that State Senators Tim Jennings and John Author Smith are democrats not that anyone believes them any longer.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sheriff Greg Solano Pulls Out of Race

Today on his blog Sheriff Greg Solano announced that he would not seek the office of Lieutenant Governor any longer. I am sure that there will be more to come in the following months as it becomes clear who the front runners are for this position on the Democratic Party ballot.

Solano gave many reason for leaving the race but one rings only too honest and true. Our state has become one where money is one of the major factors on how well a candidate can do in a state wide or national race. Sadly our candidates spend far too much of their valuable time on the phone with donors and not enough time with the voters.

I have seen this happen far too many times in the last few years. I would hope that at some point our state leaders feel the need to enact campaign finance reform that would put a stop to allowing special interest groups and big businesses from buying power away for the voting public. This issue can only get worse as time goes on and at some point the voters will simple cease to matter when creating laws in this state.

Sheriff Solano is not the first and will not be the last candidate in our state to be out bid for an elected position until this problem is fixed. If we want honest fair minded un-brought candidates we need to demand reform so that pay-to-play scandals such as the healthcare reform bill become issues of the past and not the future for our state and our nation.

Howard Dean Standing Up to Lead Progressive Movement

Too many elected democratic officials think that they can run over the liberal side of our party and that we will still support them during an election year. Do they have an eye opener coming their way in 2010.

“I’m not going to name names right now, but there are some actors in this who the Party and the country would be better off without.” said Howard Dean. Yes! the party is tired of the weak will attempts to add a public option to the healthcare bill now in progress. We are sick of Wall Street sell outs saying one thing and doing another after receiving large sums of money from insurance lobbyists.

Progressives want someone who will be a leader for our issue. Make no mistake that if anyone has the support of the progressive movement it is Howard Dean. The progressive movement will be looking for weak Wall Street supporters who can be replaced both in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. We have young new elected official who are willing to stand up strongly for our issues and who will not be fearful of standing up to long term members or lobbyists.

Money will not be a problem because it was the progressive network that proved that large sums of money could be raised through the internet by grassroots groups. The progressive movement has the members to get out the vote; therefore, sell outs will find that they will be looking hard to find the same kind of foot soldiers for any reelection campaign.

The Obama Administration has made the mistake of thinking that once they were elected that they did not have to care about what the voting public has to say on issues that matter to the core party. We have a message for him and his administration. “Yes we can!”

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Public Safety Director Darren White--Not Again

Does this man ever do anything right when it comes to helping people? The city is now giving residents of the Western Palisades 48 hours to move out and some of them have no place to go. You have to wonder if White even cares about the women and children of this complex or if he is just grandstanding for the news cameras using it to get his name in the news. How is having women and children out on the street in this weather with not home protecting their public safety?

Why is more not being done to force the owner of that complex to fix the problems and provide a safe residents for these families? We don’t need cowboys like Darren White putting on a show for the public only to leave people homeless in January.

Where is the Mayor or is that White? Why is he not now trying to work out a deal with this absentee business owner that would protect the safety of these women and children and why is he allowing White to act like such a fool in front of news cameras?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Talk Radio--Required Listening for Liberals

Growing up my parents taught me that it is very important to understand the people you disagree with in life. Turning a blind eye to people that hate, loathe, and despise you can only lead to great harm in the future. You have to try and understand their point of view no matter how warped or deranged it might be in order to protect yourself from them. You would never turn your back on a individual who was pointing a loaded gun at you head but that is exactly what liberals have been doing up to now with conservatives talk radio.

Rush and his cohorts are by no means stupid. The forces they reach out to are for what ever reason uneducated by our colleges and universities. They appeal to people who failed in our education system over the past twenty years. They work hard to paint us as evil in the same manner that Hitler paint the Jewish people as evil during the period before World War II.

Make no mistake they want conservatives to not only hate us but to fear us and our belief systems. They tell their listener that every thing we say are lies and that science is all lies because they were unable or unwilling to learn it during their period of education. Fear of the unknown can be used as a powerful tool in getting people to work toward an unreasonable goal.

Rush tries to dehumanize us by calling our leader names and by pointing out human weakness of only our party leadership. He does not even make any attempt to show that those same weaknesses are a part of the conservative party or everyday life for that matter.

Why are people like him trying so hard to turn our country into another Germany? The answer is control and uncontrolled greed by white middle-aged men of power who see the cultural and social demography of our country changing which will result in a shift in power. The shift will be away from them and toward the lower income individuals of this country and that is far from what they want or are trying to protect.

So while it may sicken you and turn you stomach to listen to these individuals, liberals must learn to educate themselves on the insane rants of people like Rush and his cohorts if we have any hope to prevent people from turning toward his party.

Our leaders must work hard to education our children so that they do not fall under the control of these men who in the long run would destroy our country and all that we hold dear. It would be even better if liberals called in and fought to press their views on his program until conservatives stopped listening to his program. I call on America to get angry and talk back to people like Rush.