Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Amendment Right v. A Candidates Right to Choose

The First Amendment Right of the fourth estate is freedom of the press. Included in that concept is that the press should have free access to all political events, documents, and political activities. Now the problem becomes the candidates deciding who is or is not considered press.

The President of the United States recognized in his first race for his seat in the Oval office that bloggers are indeed press. If someone has been blogging for a valid length of time and is covering political events, candidates, and political issues then they should be given all the rights and privileges of a news media reporter.

The precedent set by allowing the candidates to pick and choose which reporters they wish to cover their events based on where the reporter is getting their funding to publish those reports is wrong in just too many ways for us to cover. The path that leads to state controlled media is started with this behavior.

More and more reporters are moving to online formats as the major newspapers and magazines move to such a format. The New York Times announced just recently that they would be moving to an online format in the near future. These news media services may not hire a reporter but simply pay reporters on a story by story basis. Some reporters are opting to self-publish in order to maintain their own control of what they decide is news worthy and what is not news worthy.

Trip Jennings calls us his tribe because we at one time or another have all worked in the roundhouse media room. I got put on the spot by Trip my first time in that room. This tribe has been trained in how to remain professional while asking difficult questions of public individuals. Those public individuals may not always like the type of questions we ask them. We often put them on the spot about their weaknesses.

The voting public deserves to know the truth. They expect us to get our stories right or to retract our statements. We are held to a higher standard of telling the truth and reporting the facts as honestly as we can. Are their reporters who color their stories? Yes, of course there are individuals who cross the line but they are few and far between. Reporters are human and can at times be misled.

No candidate, no matter how powerful or public should be allowed to exclude a member of the press from their media events. Candidates should not be allowed to decide who is nor is not a reporter. We will make that call among ourselves thank you. It takes time and hard work to build a reputation as a political reporter and we guard that reputation carefully in order to be accepted among our peers.

We also work hard to build solid relationships with candidates knowing full well that at some point we many have the difficult task of reporting something that they don’t want made public. It is a fine line we walk and often a difficult one. It is not unknown for personal private relationships to develop between candidates and reporters. Earlier this year we had a news agency report that a reporter had been seen acting a little too friendly to a candidate. She point out to the other reporter that if he had done his homework then he would have known that she was married to that candidate.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Convince Me Maybe

Martin Heinrich seriously convince me that I need to vote for you! I am so ready to not vote for you. So far you have turned away a reporter at one of your pay-for-view events in Santa Fe because you did not agree with his politics. Or maybe it was because you are too good to be seen with a reporter who does not work for one of the major national conservative networks. Even the President of the United States does not act in such a disrespectful manner. How should I know why the reporter was turned away since your communications director has not returned my call?

I have not seen you in months. Your campaign staff is insulting to bloggers. I know this because I have called not once but twice. You lack any interest in my personal issues or those of the women who read my blog. At this rate I could write a great column on why not to vote for you. If this is how you treat your constituencies, than maybe I don’t want you in Washington D.C. We already have a U.S. Senator who acts that way.

I know what you had done in the past. Not all of it has been great. What I want to know is will you stand with hard working mothers in the future. Your ego has become so inflated that I have my doubts. I have to wonder if all the money you have received in the past year will have a direct effect on your future votes if you are elected to the U.S. Senate. As my later mother use to say, “The devil is in the details.”

Good looks only go so far when it comes to the welfare of our children. Hard working mothers cannot afford the high price tickets to see this would be senator. Maybe my vote does not matter to you. Maybe their votes don’t matter to you.

Give me one good reason other than the fact that no one likes Heather Wilson as to why I should vote for you. And please don’t expect working mothers to show up for pricy events in the middle of a working day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let’s Just Do It!

Yes, elections are like having a baby. You get down to the final few weeks and all you want is a good outcome sooner rather than later. The fates are cruel in that way because we can see the end but until that day comes the misery will only increase.

Hateful republican advertisements fill the airwaves everywhere. You get endless calls from campaigns unless you have already voted early. Some people like to vote on Election Day. Signs are on every corner. There is simply no getting away from it.

Some candidates have fulfilled your every desire. For those you are happy to cast your ballot for them. (Case in point for me: Congressman Ben Rey Lujan) Some candidates have been less then desirable but the alternative is just so unthinkable and outrages that you know you will have to vote for them anyways. (Case in point for me: Soon to be Senator Martin Heinrich) Then there are those candidates that can burn in purgatory before you would cast your vote for them. (Case in point for me: Judge Ben Chavez)

Voters should think of early voting polls like C-sections. They get the pain over quickly and then you can relax and concentrate on other things in your life until Election Day. The county clerk’s office has a list of early voting centers here in the city.

Thirteen days until it is over but the good thing is that there will be parties. Some will win big while other will lose. At this point it is all up to the voting public. Just remember turnout does count.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Santa Fe Rally for Gotv

A Gotv rally in Santa Fe: Attending was: Congressman Ben Rey Luján, New Mexico Supreme Court Candidate Barbara Vigil, Candidate for New Mexico House District 50 Stephen Easley
Santa Fe GOTV 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have you got your binder yet?

Yes, election time is finally here. Starting tomorrow people can start voting early. The best thing about it is that the volunteers will stop calling you once you vote.

Governor Mitt Romney insulted women across the country by saying that when he was elected as Governor of Massachusetts that he had to request information about potential women for his administration. He said that he collected binders full of women. While the desire to include women in top level government jobs is a good one, the imagery was very poor.

The voters in this state will need a binder full of candidates. They will want people who are skilled and qualified. They will want candidates who will support their issues. They will want people who listen to them and not just the rich people who can afford to pay their price to speak with a candidate.

My picks are:

President: Barack Obama

Congressional Candidates: Michelle Lujan Grisham-CD1, Ben Rey Lujan-CD3

State Supreme Court: Barbara Vigil

State Court of Appeals: Monica Zamora

State Senators: Michael Padilla, Tim Keller, Tim Jennings

Please don’t tell Jennings I ever endorsed him for anything.

State Representative: Sheryl Williams Stapleton

This is just the start of my list. Some people have been intentionally left off because at this point I am not happy with their behaviors toward the voters. Let’s just say that the 47% count when you go to the polls and that anyone who disrespects that in Bernalillo County will pay the price. Bernalillo County holds 40% of the voters in this state, which gives them a great deal of power when it comes to picking our representatives.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate

Last evening President Obama proved that he can take a strong leadership position when dealing with his opponent. The President did not just sit by and take notes this time as he did in the last debate. He defended his positions and his record. He managed to show strong leadership in a difficult position.

The President called Romney out when it came to using international problems as political weapons. The whole world disapproves of a candidate using the deaths of Americans to attack a sitting President. There can be no excuse for such behavior from someone seeking the Oval Office.

The President made a good case that women’s health issues should not be controlled by big conservative government. Privacy is a right that all Americans have despite their gender. Government should not be allowed to control the body of any individual.

Economic issues for women cannot be dismissed or damaged just because the Republican Party places no value on the life of or health of a woman.

Immigration is a family issue when children are taking from their schools to be deported and parents are not even told where the child is or who took them. This is a major fear of any parent. No parent could possibly approve of the governments behavior when it comes to this issue. No caring parent could in good faith wish that type of terror or fear on any parent. What type of man or parent is Romney that he would support this type of government policy?

Romney did not come off as creditable when it comes to the economy. His views sound a lot like what got us in this mess in the first place. Voters already know that uncontrolled large corporations will only result in a return to a major recession. The United States middle class simply cannot afford a return to policies that cause the last recession.

The President won this debate because he has a more defined plan that gives details on moving this country forward. The only details that Romney could or would provide result in our country moving backward into another major recession which could cripple this country.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Question of Bond C


The 2012 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act
authorizes the issuance and sale of higher education and
special schools capital improvement and acquisition an amount not to exceed one hundred twenty million dollars
($120,000,000) to make capital expenditures for certain higher
education and special schools capital improvements and 
Shall the state be authorized to issue general obligation bonds
acquisitions and provide for a general property tax imposition
and levy for the payment of principal of, interest on and
expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the bonds
and the collection of the tax as permitted by law?

No part of this bond will be used on any employee’s salaries. The laws in this state say that bonds cannot be used for everyday expenses like salaries because once you increase them they do not decrease.

The dollars from this bond will be used to upgrade old buildings and equipment in our universities and colleges. For too long new buildings and campuses were built but old buildings were not upgraded.

These bonds could help create jobs for local construction companies in our state. These are jobs that are much needed because of our governor’s failure to promote job growth in this state.

She is at present in another state promoting a man who would only support the top 2% of this country. Governor Martinez should be here in this state promoting this bond to help reduce unemployment in this state. As everyone can see we are lacking leadership from the governor.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

State Senator Tim Keller or Former State Senator Shannon Robinson

Let’s take a hard look at the two candidates who are running for the state senate seat in the International District. Why should the voting public vote for either of the candidates?

New Mexico State Senator Tim Keller

State Senator Tim Keller is in his first four year term as state senator. He has made the International District his heart and soul. For Senator Keller the International District is his home. He walks the neighborhoods often. He is present for their events and activities. He knows the people on a personal level.

You can see the real honest anger in him whenever anyone puts up roadblocks that prevent him from helping individuals who live in the area. Senator Keller does not just expect people to vote for him because they have done so in the past. He does not have a sense of entitlement to the position.

For State Senator Keller, the real issues, which he supports, are the ones that he has found from listening to the voters in his district. He is not above asking residents in the International District to vote for him.

Former New Mexico State Senator Shannon Robinson

Former New Mexico State Senator Shannon Robinson is someone who spent a lot of time in office. He cares more about what goes on in Santa Fe then in his own district. He lost touch with the residents of his district a long time ago. He feels entitled to the senate seat. He defends views that are not held by the people living in the International District.

The anger you see in Robinson is directed at the residents of the International District for not just reelecting him. You also see a great deal of anger directed at Senator Keller for taking his seat in the state senate.

Former Senator Robinson is conservative and would most likely side with the Martinez Administration when it comes to issues that could be a detriment to the voters of the International District. Former Senator Robinson would do anything necessary including changing parties just to regain power over the International District.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Healthcare Debate

Mitt Romney on Healthcare in 1994. He is still weak on details for healthcare in this country. He was dead wrong then and he is dead wrong now. He wants to take us back to a plan in which he failed to make the case. We have a healthcare plan, "Obamacare!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not a Good Night for the President

Mitt Romney had a great debate last evening because he lied through the entire thing. There was no control by the moderator. Romney went on the attack from the outset. He used false information that was unbelievable at best. His nonverbal body language screamed, “Look at me I am lying and I know it.” How can the American People trust someone who can so obviously lie on national television?

President Obama did not have his head in the game last night. He looked at the moderator far too much and was slow and thoughtful with his answers. He should have come out more forcefully and challenged Romney more on his falsehoods.

The American public expected far better from their president. The facts alone are with the president. Romney would cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle class in this country. He would destroy healthcare and hand individuals over to an unregulated insurance industry that is already out of control when it comes to cost.

Romney would allow large corporations and banks to control the government with no oversight. He would turn back the clock when it comes to women’s rights.

The whole thing was a huge disappointment when it comes to getting real and honest answers that can help people make up their minds this election year.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who are you with today?

Today Congressman Ben Rey Luján released a new facebook picture for his campaign. The artwork was done by a New Mexico Highland University student by the name of Eli Menchaca. His campaign is encouraging people to use it as their facebook picture.