Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let’s Just Do It!

Yes, elections are like having a baby. You get down to the final few weeks and all you want is a good outcome sooner rather than later. The fates are cruel in that way because we can see the end but until that day comes the misery will only increase.

Hateful republican advertisements fill the airwaves everywhere. You get endless calls from campaigns unless you have already voted early. Some people like to vote on Election Day. Signs are on every corner. There is simply no getting away from it.

Some candidates have fulfilled your every desire. For those you are happy to cast your ballot for them. (Case in point for me: Congressman Ben Rey Lujan) Some candidates have been less then desirable but the alternative is just so unthinkable and outrages that you know you will have to vote for them anyways. (Case in point for me: Soon to be Senator Martin Heinrich) Then there are those candidates that can burn in purgatory before you would cast your vote for them. (Case in point for me: Judge Ben Chavez)

Voters should think of early voting polls like C-sections. They get the pain over quickly and then you can relax and concentrate on other things in your life until Election Day. The county clerk’s office has a list of early voting centers here in the city.

Thirteen days until it is over but the good thing is that there will be parties. Some will win big while other will lose. At this point it is all up to the voting public. Just remember turnout does count.