Monday, October 15, 2012

The Question of Bond C


The 2012 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act
authorizes the issuance and sale of higher education and
special schools capital improvement and acquisition an amount not to exceed one hundred twenty million dollars
($120,000,000) to make capital expenditures for certain higher
education and special schools capital improvements and 
Shall the state be authorized to issue general obligation bonds
acquisitions and provide for a general property tax imposition
and levy for the payment of principal of, interest on and
expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the bonds
and the collection of the tax as permitted by law?

No part of this bond will be used on any employee’s salaries. The laws in this state say that bonds cannot be used for everyday expenses like salaries because once you increase them they do not decrease.

The dollars from this bond will be used to upgrade old buildings and equipment in our universities and colleges. For too long new buildings and campuses were built but old buildings were not upgraded.

These bonds could help create jobs for local construction companies in our state. These are jobs that are much needed because of our governor’s failure to promote job growth in this state.

She is at present in another state promoting a man who would only support the top 2% of this country. Governor Martinez should be here in this state promoting this bond to help reduce unemployment in this state. As everyone can see we are lacking leadership from the governor.