Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have you got your binder yet?

Yes, election time is finally here. Starting tomorrow people can start voting early. The best thing about it is that the volunteers will stop calling you once you vote.

Governor Mitt Romney insulted women across the country by saying that when he was elected as Governor of Massachusetts that he had to request information about potential women for his administration. He said that he collected binders full of women. While the desire to include women in top level government jobs is a good one, the imagery was very poor.

The voters in this state will need a binder full of candidates. They will want people who are skilled and qualified. They will want candidates who will support their issues. They will want people who listen to them and not just the rich people who can afford to pay their price to speak with a candidate.

My picks are:

President: Barack Obama

Congressional Candidates: Michelle Lujan Grisham-CD1, Ben Rey Lujan-CD3

State Supreme Court: Barbara Vigil

State Court of Appeals: Monica Zamora

State Senators: Michael Padilla, Tim Keller, Tim Jennings

Please don’t tell Jennings I ever endorsed him for anything.

State Representative: Sheryl Williams Stapleton

This is just the start of my list. Some people have been intentionally left off because at this point I am not happy with their behaviors toward the voters. Let’s just say that the 47% count when you go to the polls and that anyone who disrespects that in Bernalillo County will pay the price. Bernalillo County holds 40% of the voters in this state, which gives them a great deal of power when it comes to picking our representatives.