Monday, June 27, 2016

Bernie or Bust-Political Stunt By State Party Delegates

Well last weekend was going fine at the State Convention for the Democratic Party of New Mexico until the last few minutes. Then the Bernie or Bust people had to make a scene when it came to the State Platform. They pulled out two resolutions. One opened up all party primaries to anyone who wanted to vote no matter how they were registered. The second would do away with Super-Delegates in our state.

Now the facts:

  1. All the Hillary Clinton Delegates which represent a majority of the party left after casting their votes for National Delegates. It was a long day for them. Because of this they can remove those resolutions the next time they meet at the next state meeting.
  2. The Bernie or Bust people made it clear that they do not want to be members of the Democratic Party because that would require them to work for candidates. Support party views that are not going to get them their fifteen minutes of fame. In other words they threw their little temper tantrum and then went home like most children do.
  3. Finally the Bernie or Bust delegates don’t understand that the platform is not binding on candidates in anyway. We have been fighting for years to get candidates to take it more serious but after this stunt all our hard work in down the tubes. The candidates can now point to this issue and say that the platform does not represent the majority of voters. I would not blame them one little bit.

Most of the Bernie or Bust Delegates but not all were attending their first statewide convention. Some were members for less than a year. The party should make it a requirement for delegates to get training for how to behave as delegates to either country or state conventions. They should teach the younger people how the system works so that this does not happen again. The party should make it mandatory to get the training before they can attend conventions as a delegate. They should be taught to show some respect for party leaders at least in public at the convention. Then any delegates that is rude or disrespectful can be removed for the floor during the convention.