Friday, October 31, 2008

Fairness Doctrine or Right Leaning Media

“New Mexico in Focus” which is aired on KNME television talked about the fairness doctrine this evening. Huge, Huge surprise that they would hate to see it come back. Poor Margaret Montoya is the single liberal voice on that program. I have noted that the program leans to the right on a regular bases when it comes to the round table. I personally would love to see another strong liberal on the same side of the table as Margaret so that hers is not the lone voice for our side of the political view but I honestly do not hold out any hope for a fair and balanced programs in this state. Gee, maybe if we brought back the fairness doctrine like Senator Jeff Bingaman would like then just maybe the economically distressed left leaning voters might have access to both sides of the political viewpoint if not more.

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Governor Richardson Rallies the Democratic Party for Obama

Last weekend Governor Bill Richardson encouraged New Mexicans to hand over to Senator Barack Obama New Mexico as a battle ground state. No one knows how to get a crowd going better then our governor. We all knew that when Governor Richardson was elected for a second term that he had plans for a higher office and now that there is only two more days of early voting (today and Saturday) we are all looking forward to how our governor will fit into a new Obama administration but first we need to get Senator Obama elected President of the United States. So listen to our favorite governor the best in the union and then get out and vote early.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Governor Bill Richardson’s Second Appointment to the Court of Appeals

Just yesterday Governor Bill Richardson tapped Judge Linda M. Vanzi from the second district court here in Albuquerque to fill the second position of three positions open on the New Mexico Court of Appeals. It is good to see that Governor Richardson has placed a woman on the court of appeals. New Mexico has a great number of very talented women in the legal career field and our governor has worked hard to balance the courts with both women and majority minority individuals. Like Robert E. Robles who is replacing retiring Judge Ira Robinson, Judge Vanzi will be required to run in a partisan race for the seat in the 2010 elections.

From the Governor’s Press Release:

“Linda M. Vanzi had extensive experience as an attorney, handling litigation in the areas of civil rights, employment law, domestic relations, personal injury, and commercial law. She also worked with land use cases, corporate law, and mediation.

Judge Vanzi holds her undergraduate degree from Marymount College and is a 1995 graduate from the University Of New Mexico School Of Law. She is a member of the New Mexico Bar Association, the Albuquerque Bar Association and the Women’s Bar Association.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Governor Richardson makes first of three Appointments to the NM Appeals Court

Robert E. Robles: A civil court judge from district three was appointed to serve on the appeals court. Judge Robles will now be required to run in a partisan race in 2010 to keep the seat which Governor Bill Richardson has appointed him to on Friday. Judge Robles will be filling the seat of Judge Ira Robinson. To be eligible to serve on the Court of Appeals a individual must be 35 year of age or old, have practiced law for at least 10 years and have lived in the state of New Mexico for at least 3 years.

Experience and Education: Appointed to the bench in June of 1991, Judge Robert E. Robles hears civil cases. Judge Robles served on the New Mexico Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and the Code of Judicial Conduct Committee. He is active in local youth programs and received the 2006 Continuing Legal Education Peak Award of Excellence. Judge Robles received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of New Mexico.

From the Governor’s Press Release:

“Robles has more than 32 years of legal experience, including 17 years as a judge in the Third Judicial District. He was elected by his colleagues as Chief Judge in the Third District, a position he has held for 9 years. Robles has extensive experience in personal injury, commercial, domestic relations and criminal law.

Before his tenure as a judge, Robles practiced law in Las Cruces for 9 years, most of it as a partner with Evans & Robles, P.A. A graduate of the University of New Mexico Law School, Robles has served on several professional and civic organizations, including the Joint Supreme Court State Bar Commission; the District Court Judge’s Committee of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission; the U.S. Commission on Child and Family Welfare, the New Mexico District Judges Associations and the New Mexico Bar Association.”

Congressman Tom Udall at the Obama Rally last Weekend

There can be no better individual to listen to when it comes to words of encouragement to get out and vote then Congressman Tom Udall. Congressman Udall has always been a strong supporter of women’s issues in this state. He also has stood up for the veterans of New Mexico when it comes to healthcare and education. I met Congressman Udall in 2006 at an event for Governor Richardson. At the time I did not know him but he showed that he cared about educational issues and made a point of showing that my child like all the children in New Mexico mattered to him. I can honestly say that we need more men like Tom Udall in government to protect our children’s interest in this country.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Democratic Tide is Rising

The early voter numbers are looking good. Change is in the air in New Mexico but voters should be mindful of getting too over confident when it comes to the Republican Party. Our candidates are more than ready after two long hard years of campaigning to take this country in a new direction but we have to turn out in full force to give them the victory that our country so desperately needs at this point in history. We are just now beginning to see the dim light at the end of the tunnel created by a Republican controlled country. We must fight hard to not loss our way in the dim light before we reach a brighter future. With seven more days until November 4 people should be working hard to get out the voters to cast their votes before early voting ends. For those die hard individuals who demand to wait in long lines on election day my suggestion is bring a chair, a good book and some water and make sure that you have the time off from work to cast your vote. Everyone has the right to vote in this country but it is also a duty to be carried out to ensure a brighter future for the coming four years.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Are our local news stations fair and balanced?

In 1985 the Federal Communications Commission did away with the fair and balanced rule (Fairness Doctrine) sighting an ability of viewers to attain news from many sources including at present the internet. Now I am an accountant by trade so I always like to error on the side of being conservative except when it comes to my political views (All Accountants are not republicans even if I did grow up in a republican family). Numbers are the one exception to the rule of leaning to the left. This leaves me to wonder about how the local news can lean so far to the right as to not play up the fact that Senator John McCain only got 800 people to turn out for his event this last Saturday when Senator Barack Obama had a turnout of at least 35,000 or more. Some reports of turnout were as high as 45,000 plus for Senator Obama and Senator McCain had reports of up to 1,500. Where does the local news consider it crossing the line and moving into pure propaganda? Then again they are not required by the FCC to report a fair and balanced honest program any longer. To say Senator McCain had a spirited large group was a complete misrepresentation of the facts that bordered on pure fiction. Reports like the one I saw this morning cause me to fear that the rest of the news being reported in this city is just as colored by the view point of the people in charge of the local network news stations. What has happened to fair and balanced reporting of news events in our city? I can see bloggers being able to express their personal views because we are more like columnist. We are not funded by public funds. I don’t claim to not lean toward the left side of the political spectrum. The Federal Communications Commission may well have done low income individuals a disservice when they stopped enforcing the fairness doctrine.

Did we not learn in Vietnam that broadcasting can effect how people view their world? If not then why do we have a federal funded program to broadcast our television into Cuba? How many people in this city believe without questions what they see on local network news programs as the unbiased truth?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hope Plus Action Equals Change

Last evening Martin Heinrich the candidate for Congressional District One addressed a crowd of 45,000 plus to deliver the message that he wants to be our next congressman in New Mexico District One. Like Senator Obama’s father Martin’s father was born in another country but moved to the United States to give his children the hope of a better future. Martin is the embodiment of the America Dream. He is now giving it all he has to make sure that our next generation keeps that dream alive for the future. He with his family of two small boys and his wife has been campaigning hard to make America a place where dreams really do come true.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Rocked the House in Albuquerque

I have lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 22 years and never have I seen a crowd that large. After the event the streets were filled with people shouting Senator Obama’s name. Obama packed Johnson Field tonight. People filed that field and they just kept coming. The lines were a mile long. Senator Obama put John McCain to shame today with the turnout. Senator Obama was welcomed by many of the Democratic Party’s leaders of New Mexico.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Voted Today

I did not have to stand in any lines. I walked in filed out the paperwork then put it in the machine and then I was done. It took far less time then I had expected it to because of what the news media has been saying. I went down to the voting poll on Lomas and Sixth Street (620 Lomas) around 1:00 pm. It took me longer to fill out the ballot then it did to get through the process to get to that point in the process. It makes you wonder if maybe the media is playing up the lines to discourage people from voting. I do suggest that you print out a copy of the ballot from the county clerk’s office (Maggie Toulouse Oliver is doing a great job and should be one of the first people you vote for on the list) and fill it out before you go and do the deed so you can save yourself some time.

Tomorrow I will make a list of the people I voted for as an endorsement. Should anyone have forgotten to ask me to vote for them now is the time to ask because anyone that did not ask even if I voted for them will not appear on my list. Let’s just say that the top four on the ticket already asked nicely. I can honestly say that out of all the request I got Supreme Court Justice Charles W. Daniels out did any other candidate this year and truly deserved his vote. The other candidates can take lessons for Justice Daniels.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Darren White vs. Martin Heinrich Congressional District One Debate

Last evening was the first congressional district one debate and we could see that Heinrich brought his “adult A game” to the debate. If Darren White hopes to stand a chance against Heinrich he will need to do a much better job than last evening’s debate.

While Martin Heinrich presented a Congressional like demeanor and was able to site his experience on the city council his opponent acted like he had never been in front of a camera before in his life. You would think that he would have said something earlier about his microphone problems rather than pretending that nothing was going on with it. Did Darren forget that he once worked in the field of broadcasting? He made reference to a local individual calling him an eco-terrorist but forgot that retiring Senator Pete Domenici had also worked with the same individual. I seriously doubt that anyone would call Senator Pete Domenici an eco-terrorist by association. I think that a lot of individuals who respect Senator Domenici would be offend by that remark from Sheriff White.

Darren White had the added problem of convincing viewers that after being President Bush’s led supporter here in Bernalillo County that he could break with the unflavored President. While Darren White is not an unintelligent person he does lack the foresight and experience of his opponent Martin Heinrich. One does have to wonder why Darren White has not until last evening brought up the fact that he calls himself a disabled veteran? How can a disabled veteran be a sheriff and exactly how is he disabled? Where has been his support of other disabled veterans in the past? Maybe like John McCain he only supports his buddies when it helps him to advance his political career. Another interesting issue is where is Darren White’s family? Martin Heinrich’s wife and children have been a big part of his campaign and clearly his life which will provide the future congressman a strong grounding to deal with being a freshman congressman; his wife stated early on that she and the children were very serious supporters of Martin’s. Sheriff White’s family has not been seen or talked about in public leaving one to wonder exactly what is the relationship between the pair?

More debates between the two should be of great interest to the voting public in Bernalillo County. Otherwise we are left with the view of an experienced city leader running against a local sheriff who acts more like Barney Fife.

Early Vote for Change Rally with Barack Obama

Please join Senator Barack Obama

Saturday, October 25th, for a rally with Barack Obama in Albuquerque:

Early Vote for Change Rally with Barack Obama

University of New MexicoJohnson Field Corner of Girard Blvd. and Central Ave.Albuquerque, NM

Saturday, October 25th Doors Open: 7:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public; tickets are not required but an RSVP is strongly encouraged.

For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas and please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

Parking is limited. Carpooling is encouraged.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It’s still the Economy Senator McCain

Senator Obama has taking a 10 point lead in the national polls today because people understand that he is the more skilled when it comes to the economy. It is not about the Joes in the world who earn over $250,000 a year. They end up because of caps on federal income tax only paying 1% of their total income in taxes each year if that after tax shelters. This is about the Jane Does who are raising a child or two and make less than $40,000 a year and pay 6.2% of their total income in federal income tax to the government. McCain has been tested on the economy and has failed to show that he understands that without a safe home and a good income in the face of raising prices that these women and men cannot force ends to meet. President Bush (Bust) and John McCain want to make this about safety from the world but without a safe environment at home for our families we cannot begin to care about the outside problems of the entire world. They want to make this about rich company owners but the America people are telling them that it is not about the Joes in the country that have a hard time following the rule of law but about the Jane Does who drop their children off at school every morning before going to work.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Bernalillo County Early Voting

The results of the first weekend of early voting for the Democratic Party is very encouraging but we still have a long way to go before we win this race. Now is not the time to relax. We need to encourage every single voter to get out and vote early. We cannot afford to relax at this moment in history. The Republican Party is projecting that we cannot keep up the voter turnout of the first weekend but they have no idea how strong the blue tide will be this year. We need to move heaven and earth to get out every single democratic voter that we can in the next two weeks. I know that everyone wants this to just be over but now is not the time to take our eye off the ball. I am sure that some republicans will hear the results of the first week and they will start to turnout for their candidates so we must keep up the work just for the next two weeks. We simply cannot afford to let victory slip through our fingers at the last moment.

We are faced with two directions for our country. One is corporate socialism or returning to the American dream of democracy. We can watch as our country becomes a place of the have and the have not or we can give every child the dream of a better future. We can watch families’ loss their homes or we can make sure to put a man, Barack Obama, in office that will fight hard to protect our children and make sure they keep a safe home to return to everyday after public school. They can have a good public education for all or an elite education for the very few children with mega rich parents. We can watch our children go without healthcare and die at a younger age or we can fight for the human right to have good medical care for every child in this country. John McCain does not want to help the middle class much less the working distressed families in this country.

The time has come, the time is now

Vote blue

Vote hope not fear

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Out of every general in the military today no one is more trusted or respected by both parties then General Colin Powell. He is a republican but has been so gifted that middle of the road democratic like his approach. He is known to be a man of honor and principle. Now he has came out in support of Barack Obama as our next president. General Powell feels that Senator Obama has met his test to be a leader for our country. Many on the republican side will say this is because of his ethic background but he is not a man of so little principles. Clearly he has found in Barack Obama a man of honor that he feels will be a good leader of this country. General Powell has found Senator Obama to be a man that can unite our country and lead us forward in a positive manner. We in the Democratic Party should welcome the endorsement of General Powell.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Day of Early Voting

Today is the first official day of early voting in New Mexico. The Democratic Party and all of our candidates are showing up all over the state today to encourage voters to cast their votes. Early word was that all of the polls were filled with long lines today. Voters cannot wait to cast their vote for change. I started my day at Wilson Park and then moved to Smith Brasher Hall to watch both Congressman Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich encourage union members to cast their vote today. There to speak on behalf of Senator Obama was Colorado Senator Ken Salazar.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Fix the Voter Registration System

All Americans have the right to vote in this country yet why are people not registered to vote at birth and then allow them to activate their voter registration at the age of eighteen? We give babies social security cards at birth to keep control of the system. If voter registration was treated like a right rather then a chore maybe the problem would go away. Each voter could be given a card at birth just like a social security card. The system could work in the same manner so that you would use that number to change your address, pick a party and or activate you registration. The system would provide a complete list of all voters for each county in the country with their current address so that voter fraud would simple not have a chance to develop. County clerks could assist voters in activating their card and in changing addresses. It would encourage non Americans to become Americans in order to have the right to vote. We do not live in the dark ages of technology so a complete system could be created to track voters in this country. If each of the parties can develop such a system then the federal government should have far less difficulties in doing the same for all Americans.

Growing Albuquerque’s and New Mexico’s Middle Class

We all know that the major employers in this city are the military base with its national lab and the local colleges. If anything happened to those two industries we would see a major economic down turn here in the city. This is why our U.S. Senators have had to fight hard to keep the base and the lab.

Last evening at the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County meeting new state senator Tim Keller was asked how do we grow the middle class and diversify our employment picture to protect against a local economic down turn. State Senator Keller is excited with the prospect of working with local colleges and universities to encourage start up businesses that would build the middle class and provide for good paying jobs here in the city. He is very willing to encourage small business development. He pointed out that our city could be the next Silicon Valley if we were willing to put the effort forward to encourage small businesses. This is something that could be done on a statewide base to encourage our economic security.

In order for there to be new development in this area the state would need to work had with local colleges and universities to encourage small business development. We would need to increase teacher and instructional staff paid to encourage bright people to say in the state. Some tax relief for small business start ups would have to be given. Capital for small businesses would be a must because of the difficulty of starting a small business. We would need to encourage the people at the labs to work with small businesses around the city to help develop new technology. Green technology could be improved and developed with the help of lab workers.

New Mexican have seen what can happen over the last few weeks when the economy is based on a few large companies and not diversified over a number of industries. A large number of individuals are looking to our state government to continue the work started by our Governor Bill Richardson to protect New Mexico for any ill consequences of having all our eggs in one very large military basket.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Debates

Tom Udall vs. Steve Pearce Debate

My teen age daughter told me after the debate that Congressman Pearce put her to sleep and anyone who puts you to sleep should not be allowed to be a senator.

For the adults in the room there were a few points:

Women have the right to earn the same as men and unless you plan on making it a mandatory law to list every employee’s pay rate along with their sex and race then something should be done to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling as to when the clock starts on an EOC claim.

As a parent healthcare for children in this state is very important. Congressman Pearce voted against the s-chip bill and it was an important issue for all parents in this state. Nothing is more upsetting then having a sick child and not being able to make things better. I cannot image not being able to get my child healthcare if she needed it.

As for drilling, Congressman Udall has the common sense to know when to support it and that it should only be used as a stop gap measure until a reliable source of renewable energy can be developed by our national labs. Congressman Udall is working to keep our labs long term and Congressman Pearce can only hold onto the past.

Congressman Pearce has voted with President Bush (Bust) 91% of the time and he should be ashamed of putting oil companies’ needs ahead of New Mexican voters. We here in New Mexico can simply not afford another four more years of the same. I understand that Congressman Pearce is from Hobbs and that is oil field country so he is welcome to return to it because we don’t want him as our next U.S. Senator.

Barack Obama vs. John McCain

When Senator McCain told the audience that Sarah Palin was a role model, I looked down at my daughter and told her that under no circumstances did I ever want her to have a child out of wedlock much less at the age of seventeen.

As for John McCain’s remarks about a woman’s right to choose there was not a democratic woman in the room who found his little reaction to be anything but offensive. To say that a woman’s life had no meaning was the height of disrespect for all women in this country. Seventy two year old men should have no say when it comes to a woman’s body because this is not the nineteen fifties.

As for who is hanging out with terrorists, John McCain is the one with supporters who hate the American way of life so much that they would wish an African man dead before they would see him as president. Hate speech should never be condoned by a candidate who is running for either president or vice president of the United States of America.

After listen to both debates one right after the other it is clear that the republican candidates are so desperate that they will say or do anything to increase their changes to get elected this year.

People of note at last night’s debate were State Treasurer James B. Lewis, Party Chairman Brian Colon, State Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton, Major Marty Chavez and State Union President Christine Trujillo. James B. Lewis and I spoke briefly after the presidential debate. He said that he was pleased with the results and that Senator Obama had done a great job. He also agreed with me that Senator McCain had come off as being a little too desperate in his attacks of Senator Obama.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vote for Martin Heinrich on His Birthday

Martin Heinrich is turning 37 years old this month. His birthday is October 17. I can think of no better birthday present then getting out and voting for him on that day. We need the voting public to get out and vote for our candidates to bring about real change and hope for the future. Martin is a forward thinking candidate that has the America Middle Class at the heart of his grassroots campaign. We have never been given a better candidate to represent the Congressional District One area. We need to turn the congressional delegation from New Mexico blue this year to support our Senate and Senator Barack Obama.
Vote Now

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Vote Blue in CD1

Monday, October 13, 2008

What is in Control of this Country?

You ever wonder at work sometimes why you would get the blame for something that you surely and completely have no control over. I sometimes wish that I had half of the ability to control people that I get the bad credit for at work.

The economy is like that at present. This election is hinged on the issue of how well our economy is doing during the election cycle. Never mind that for the past eight years President Bush (Bust) and the Republican Party has gone on a spending spree that this country could not afford. I hear ads everyday now that try and blame this mess on the Democratic Party and its candidates but at this point in time the voting public has seen through those misdirected attacks.

We have all seen the news coverage of how Senator McCain had to explain to a republican woman that Senator Obama is a good father and husband and an America. You have to wonder why people would be so desperate that they could believe the attacks. Fear and the need to blame others for our problems is what got us into this mess in the first place. The fear and hate of others could lead our country into greater harm’s way as it did the German people during World War I and II.

Our country needs to put fear on hold and elect a person that can provide hope for the future.

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We need Hope not Fear

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

Answer: The next President of the United States of America.

Vote Now New Mexico
Help Make History

A Walk On The “Wild Side”

Today was the annual fundraiser fashion show and luncheon for the Democratic Women of Bernalillo County. As a new member of this organization this was my first time attending this event. The morning started at 11:30 am with mingling and browsing of the exhibit tables. In attends were State Treasurer James B. Lewis and Attorney General Gary King. I asked the attorney general what his plans were for the next few years but he was playing coy until he knows for sure if Governor Richardson will be staying as our Governor or if Barack Obama will tap him on the shoulder for a position in Washington. He did say that he thinks of Diane Denish as a very good friend. I stopped to talk with James B. Lewis for a few minutes. He is doing a great job keeping us on track during a very serious economic time. We are very lucky to have him as our state treasurer. Victor Raigoza was at my table. He said as a financial adviser that he has been very busy as of late due to the current economic developments. We will clearly need as many state senators as we can get who understand economics in our state legislature for the foreseeable future.

The Candidate Models

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg was one of the models during the fashion show with a nice outfit. She has been under attack by the more conservative side over the last few days but appears to be handling it well. Clearly being an exceptional district attorney runs in the family.

Our County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver looked very nice in her outfit and clearly is handling the job of county clerk well as the election develops. A bright and intelligent woman who knows her job and has the skills to fix a system that has not always worked well in this county.

Julie Heinrich the wife of our future congressman Martin Heinrich was born to be a model but some people just never look closely in the mirror. She is very modest and has never modeled before now. She will make a perfect congressman’s wife. She is very supportive of her husband and a very caring mother to two beautiful little boys.

The Gentlemen Candidate Escorts

Jason Marks who is Chairman of the PRC. Jason is clearly a good fit for his job and knows how to deliver on protecting the voting public and playing it fair with the companies that he deals with on the PRC.

Eric Griego one of our newest state senators has become a welcome addition to the state legislature.

The fashionable Judge Ross Sanchez-district court is running for retention.

Judge Reed Sheppard made a debonair escort for DA Kari Brandenburg. Judge Sheppard is the only judge with an opponent this year but we should all vote for him because he is the best pick for the position.

The Fashion Show committee:

Lorraine Aranda, Carrie Copsin, Margaret L. Garcia, Michelle Garcia, Rose Mary Garica, Irene Kersting, Maxine Roush Marks, Delores Molina, Barbara Najera, Mary Najera, Linda Sanchez , Romaine Serna and Dorthy Temer

All of these democratic women deserve a thank you for their hard work in putting the fashion show and Luncheon together this year. The proceeds from the event will be donated, in the organization’s name, to our talented democratic candidates. Women in Bernalillo County should take the time to join this group and support our local candidates.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Law Makers Say One Thing and Allow U.S. Treasurer to Do Another

Law Makers told AIG in front of TV cameras on Tuesday that their behavior was despicable after a bailout of $85 billion dollars because AIG executives spent $440,000 on a retreat which included spa treatment, banquets and golf outings. Yet today Treasurer Paulson and the Federal Reserve Bank hand those same individuals $37.8 billion more in bailout money.

My parents taught me one simple fact when it comes to money which is never reward someone for bad behavior. Senator Clinton said it best when she told a group that we need adults in control of our government. What does it say to those executives or the American voting public when they are rewarded for this type of bad behavior?

Henry Paulson Jr. needs to step down and be replaced by someone who can take control back from the Wall Streets Executives before we have a total meltdown of our economy. Clearly Mr. Paulson does not get that you cannot reward Wall Street Executives for public bad behavior. The America people are demanding answers on who will be held accountable for this economic mess and when will this happen. How can the America voting public not be angry with this type of behavior on our behalf with our taxpayer dollars? Where is the oversight that will prevent another $440,000 or higher costing retreat for AIG executives? These executives don’t get the reality of their position.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tom Udall Town Hall in South East Albuquerque

Congressman Tom Udall arrived to a packed town hall meeting in the south east part of Albuquerque. Union members filled the Plumber and Pipefitters hall on San Pedro to see the man that will soon be our new U.S. Senator. A number of candidates also showed up to take part in the town hall. Martin Heinrich shared the stage with Congressman Udall to answer union member's questions. One retired Union member stated in his question that some retired individuals have lost up to 50% of their retirement due to the poor management of the economy under the present Republican Administration .

Both Congressman Udall and Martin Heinrich showed uncommon insight into how to deal with economic issues that face middle class families like union members. Both candidates clearly have the total support of local unions. State Union President Christine Trujillo asked the very large group to get out and support our candidates this election year. In the crowd talking with union members was State Senator Tim Keller and State Representative Al Park both of which are supported by the local Unions.

Does Senator McCain’s Healthcare Credit work for you?

I wanted to see if someone earning less than $25,000 a year would benefit from Senator McCain’s Credit for Healthcare. So here are the results.

Premium on Presbyterian healthcare plan 185.35 X 24 pay checks a year = $4,448.40

5,000.00 - $4,448.40 = 551.60

Tax rate of 10% on earning results in tax of $444.84 per year.

So Taxpayer pays for a single individual $4,893.24 and receives a credit of $5,000.00 with a net savings of $106.76. Now that does not include dental or vision which would raise the cost and the tax even more on the benefits.

Dental and Vision Premiums: 25.02 X 24 = 600.48 + Tax 60.05 = 660.53

Result of 4893.24 + 660.53 = 5,553.77

Loss of 553.77 per year in cost over credit.

It would not begin to cover the expense of a child added to the health insurance. End result is that this plan is a failure for all levels of income and would be an increase in taxes on middle class families and result in higher cost for families. The insurance companies would be the only ones to benefit from this plan. Would he require people to buy healthcare and how would they pay for it up front if they already could not afford the insurance? Senator McCain clearly needs to retake a few classes in finance and economics.

Straight Talking Express Loses a Wheel

Senator Obama and Senator McCain traded barbs last evening during the debate. McCain often came off as rude toward Senator Obama. Senator McCain clearly had problems appearing warm and friendly toward the people in the town hall while he was talking down to Senator Obama. On the other hand Senator Obama did well because of the style of the event. He was able to appear presidential and respectfully to the crowd. It was clear from time to time that this style of debate was not what Senator Obama was use to because he keep falling into a trial court approach to deal with disagreeing with Senator McCain. At one point he managed to force an objection to comments made by Senator McCain. Senator Obama clearly had the edge when it came to the economy. At one point Senator McCain said that he had a new plan for the mortgage crisis but what Senator Obama had to point out was those powers for the US treasurer were just passed in the bailout plan. Makes you wonder just how well Senator McCain understood the bill he voted for and what else he missed in that bill.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Day to Register to Vote and First Day of Voting

Today is the last day that people in New Mexico can register to vote for the November elections. Today is the first day that people can cast their ballots for the November elections. Just a little reminder to all of those people who are sick of having supporters knocks on your door the earlier you vote the sooner they will stop knocking. Now is the time to cast your vote and then just sit back and watch the fun unfold. Also a little reminder if you want to be the one knocking on doors then voting early will allow you to be free on Election Day to support your favorite candidate. Check out the Bernalillo County clerk’s office for locations to vote.

The good news of the day is that our candidates are leading in the polls right now so if all goes well and everyone gets out to vote then we will have a new administration in power come early January but we cannot let our guard down until this election is over and done with and all the votes are counted. Make no mistake that the republicans will do everything they can to win this election and take the power to make changes from us once more.

Go Vote Now!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Senator John McCain’s Glass House

Is this the man you would trust with your economy? One who said he would not throw mud has every reason to not want his past brought up to the American Voting Public.

It’s the Economy Stupid (John McCain)

I personally think John McCain is spending way too much time with Sarah Palin because it appears her IQ or lack thereof is rubbing off on that man. Congress just pasted a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street and John McCain wants to see change alright but not in our economy just in his approach to what is being covered on the campaign trail. Could it be that Palin’s poor judgment is taking center front stage again over McCain or is he like most republican men just influenced by a pretty face? Every republican male I have spoken to lately say they would vote for Sarah only because she is easy on the eyes but they could care less if she can run the country. Maybe that is why we are seeing a lot more of Cindy McCain on the tail lately. Come to think of it was she not the trophy wife that replaced the first Mrs. McCain? Karma does have a way of coming back to bite people.

Republicans who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones at the Democratic Candidates. After all look who McCain is palling around with lately and what does that say about his judgment. Michelle Obama, a very intelligent woman in her own right, is clearly the more attractive wife and her husband Senator Obama is clearly the more devoted husband.

Senator McCain has chosen to visit Albuquerque this week and I am sure that the Democratic Party will have a warm reception for him at the University of New Mexico which is the heart of Senator Obama’s student support. How desperate can a republican candidate get to try and hold a rally in the middle of the young democratic heartland?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Non-Political People and Can this Election be over Soon Please

With Congress selling out (Note: Tom Udall voted No!) to the fears of George W. Bush, taxpayers are now on the hook for $700 billion to bailout Wall Street. Where are the CEOs in handcuffs for getting our economy in this mess?

I took yesterday off to spend it with people who don’t take part in politics but they were even talking about the economy. The response from those individuals was where is the officials that should be holding these CEOs responsible from their crimes? What is this saying to our future business leaders? How often will Congress have to pass another bailout bill for Wall Street?

We are now down to the last few weeks before the election. The deadline to register to vote is October 7. Now is the time to vote since as soon as you do vote you fall off the list of many campaigns to contact and people stop knocking on your door bugging you to vote. It is strange to think that in just three short weeks this election will be said and done with for another four more years or at least two years.

I keep hearing people say that it can not come too soon because everyone is beginning to get sick of it all. Campaign workers that welcomed you with a smile a few short months ago now don’t even say hello when you walk in the door. Others want your every minute to get those last few voters to the polls. Maybe next time someone comes by to offer support they can find something other then I busy to say to a long time supporter or is this just a warning sign of thinks to come.

It is nice to be able to look forward to planning activities in the near future that have nothing to do with politics. Some bloggers are already turning to other subjects like educational issues and things like the hot air balloon fiesta. Still with just three more weeks to go now is not the time to take our eyes of the ball. Early in person voting starts on October 18.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who do you trust to fix the Economy?

If you are looking for someone who looks presidential then look no futher then Senator Barack Obama. At this point in history we need someone who understands how to deal with the economy and that man is clearly Senator Obama.

It is also clear that Senator McCain (McSame) has not got a clue on how to deal with either this economic crisis or the House of Representatives. Last night his vice presidential pick had to prove that she had a brain in her head. This is the woman that would be president if anything happened to Senator McCain. Now no one wishes any harm to Senator McCain but the man is not getting any younger and he does have a history of skin cancer. I have cancer so I know that the older you get the more likely it is that cancer can pay a unwelcome visit once more. The last thing this country needs right now is someone who is unable to stay on top of the current economic issues due to health reason. This is a matter of who is fit to be president and how skilled is that individual to run our country.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin

I was 15 minutes late starting to watch the debate because I wanted to stop by Blair Kaufman’s home to show support for Maggie Oliver –Toulouse who is running for Bernalillo County Clerk. Maggie is a very gifted county clerk and has done great work in making our election system user friendly and dependable. Clearly Maggie should be reelected so that we can maintain the development toward a county clerk’s office that everyone will have faith in when they cast their vote. This is one of our most important local issues. Mrs. Oliver-Toulouse clearly has the support of the grassroots democrats.

Now to the Debate

Senator Joe Biden was one of the most impressive debaters that I have every seen. He was a real and interesting person who showed respect for his opponent. Although Sarah pushed Joe and bated him with everything she could come up with Joe just would not bit. He knew what his target was and stayed on message that Senator McCain would be a huge mistake for this nation while not showing any disrespect for the man himself. Way to go Joe!

I must admit that Sarah did not make any huge mistakes but she also did not say anything that would change anyone’s views. She did have one moment where she tried to point out that she was a mother who knew about raising a family but Joe Biden’s response was so moving and honest that she had to back down on that point. I was surprised that she supported rights for gay couples since she leans so far to the right that could not help her with the conserve right of the Republican Party but maybe she was just trying to distance herself from a group that is not happy with her failures as of late. One does have to wonder just how carefully Senator McCain vetted her for the position of vice president. Clearly there were more skilled republican women who could have stepped up to the plate but that appears to be a serious problem with Senator McCain not wanting to take time to checkout options.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate."

The America voting public is very angry at Wall Street with good reason. We don’t see why they should get a bailout when the Bush Administration has steadfastly refused to help troubled homeowners and those Americans who made the right decisions. We don’t like that CEOs of large corporations earn outlandish salaries while Main Street America has to make due. The Congress is getting an earful from the voting public this week and because of it being an election year they have to listen. So what does the America public want congress to do?

We want accountable and responsible for Wall Street CEOs in this bill.

We want protection for taxpayer’s dollars.

We want help for the people on Main Street that made the right decisions.

Homeowners need to pay for the risky mortgages they took out. Give them a fixed rate to pay and let them keep those homes.

What Congress and the Senate have to communicate is how this new bill will help stabilize the economy and protect the taxpayers. We want to know that CEOs of the failed corporations will not benefit personally from our tax dollars. Congress and the Senate need to avoid telling the voting public not to be angry at these Wall Street business men who made bad decisions because that is just not going to happen. We watched as the telecommunication corporations walked free after spying on Americans and people are still not happy about that issue. We will not watch while CEOs of Major Corporations take taxpayers dollar and walk away leaving our economy in recession. If the Democrats have to stand their ground on these issues then so be it but to give in to the Republicans is one sure way to loss an election.

Once all of these objectives have been achieved the America people are going to have to bit the bullet and bailout these corporations for the sack of the economy and their own well being. But no elected offical should expect Americans to be happy about it.