Sunday, April 28, 2013

Has Governor Martinez been a do nothing governor?

No! She has been far from a do nothing governor. Our governor has done many things to harm our state. 
Our governor started out by opposing job creation by cutting the tax credit to the film industry. She opposed our spaceport. She opposed our commuter train. A well-supported commuter train could promote small businesses growth around the local stops. Rather than spending time promoting our state as a place to do business and visit, she went out on the campaign trail to increase her own job profile. Less time supporting the GOP and more time supporting local employers would keep New Mexican workers employed. How about a real all of the above approach to energy production, where is the governor’s support for green energy jobs?  Where is the governor’s support of our National Labs?

The governor’s appointee for Secretary of Education has been busy selling our educational system to private for profit corporations, which drains taxpayer’s dollars for our school systems.  Why is the appointee not promoting parent interaction through programs directed at education? She could encourage parents to work with the schools to get children to eat healthy and exercise.
The governor could have promoted bicycle trails to and from local schools. She could have encouraged employers to give employees paid time to exercise during working hours. She could have encouraged local farmers to provide healthy foods to school systems through tax breaks. No, she was far too busy selling off our school systems to Corporate America.
Governor Martinez is opposed to illegal aliens getting driver licenses. As a former district attorney, she should have found ways to speed up getting people the correct paperwork so that they could legally work in our country. Working with Mexico on this, guns, the drug issues could have promoted more jobs and international trade all at the same time. We do not have to support illegal immigration to fix the problem. We could have fixed the problem by designing a different license that would have solved the problem long ago and meet federal standards at the same time.

Governor Martinez failed the residents of the City of Albuquerque by cutting backroom deals for our fairgrounds. She supported the hiring of a disgraced law enforcement individual to run a building project where he has no skills.
Governor Martinez promoted and signed into law tax cuts for corporation, while forcing local cities and towns to increase taxes on working New Mexicans to pay for that tax cut.  

Governor Martinez is no friend to the women in this state. She should be replaced with a candidate who puts working New Mexican families first and foremost above any party.  Governor Martinez has done a lot in the last few years and none of it has been beneficial to working middle class New Mexicans.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What is the Plan? Mayor Berry

Mayor R. J. Berry has no idea on how to attract business to our lovely city. He knows how to watch as they leave. He knows how to ask everyone else to come up with ideas. He failed to know which would produce results. So Mayor Berry here are just a few good ideas. With any luck a democrat like Pete or Margaret will be able to put them into action during their term in office.

Cover the irrigation ditches in the South Valley with solar panels. It will provide clean energy and slow the loss of water. Get the farmers involved so that they can say that they are working hard to protect their natural resources.

Build an artificial lake near but Not in the Bosque, surround it with a board walk, add restaurants and shops. Call it something cool and promote it! All you need is a piece of land and a developer. You are in business and you can use any revenues created by the project to help protect the Bosque. Provide tour buses to the green spaces near the river and promote bird watching. Extend the little train between the Zoo and the Bio Park so that it takes people to the Hispanic Cultural Center, the airport and the boardwalk town square. Create a website that tells the world what a great place Albuquerque is to visit. Include a list of place to see, restaurants and shop to visit, and things to do in our great city. Add a map that directs people to all the great things to do in our city.

Create a weeklong event every year and promote it loudly between business owners in the city and engineers at Sandia National Labs. Hold it at the convention center in the city. Encourage business owners to talk with engineers on how to improve their businesses both with new technology and with improving their old technology. Promote Albuquerque as a world class environment for growing your business because we have the national labs at our fingertips for any business needs they might have in the future. No other city in the country can offer the intelligent or the educational skills of our national labs.

Promote cultural events all summer long. Encourage schools to plan things like music and drama in the parks. This could make our parks a lot safer since the homeless would be driven away by all the crowds. Ask local interest groups and promote events like sword fighting from the Society of Creative Anachronism, miniature war reenactments from the Civil War reenactment groups and/or Native dancing from the pueblos. Provide vender space so that shops can sell food and their goods at these events. You could even do it at the balloon park as well. Promote! Promote! Promote!

R.J. Berry has no ideas on how to run or promote a city the size of Albuquerque. Let’s find a person who will encourage business and bring back the jobs! A mayor may not create jobs but he or she can create an environment where business develops and thrives even in difficult economic times. Berry does nothing but blames others for his failures as a mayor.