Friday, September 28, 2012

NMSU President and the Regents

The issue of the president's job at NMSU is an employment issue therefore nothing can be said until it is resolved. Had the Regents for New Mexico Southern University said anything publicly, the school could have been sued. I don’t think taxpayers want a lawsuit over something that should be keep private in the first place.

I am sure that the Regents for the school will provide the voting public and the school employees with as much of an answer as they can once the matter is settled. What type of fool would demand private employment information from university officials just to sate his own curiosity at the expense of taxpayers.

Public employees should have a right to some privacy. Public employees do not agree to give up their constitutional rights just to work for the government. At this point the voting public has no idea as to what the problem is in the first place at the school. Unless the president of the school did something illegal or unethical we may never know the full story.

The voters have to ask themselves would you want your private employment information handed over to the public just to sate someone's curiosity?

Update: The President was released from her position at NMSU. As should have been expected little information was given. Now it is up to the regents to make the process of hiring a replacement as open as possible.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Separation of Church and State

Our government was founded on the important concept that church and state would remain separate. No government endorsed church, which would force Americans to practices one faith. A faith that they may not agree with in the first place.

I understand that the Roman Catholic Church expects us to follow the teachings of our church. It expects us to value life, religious freedom, and marriage. As a divorced single mother, I get that maybe I am not doing such a great job on some of those issues. I have not done my level best all of the time but I do try. I think they call that sinning. Last time I checked, we were all guilty of that behavior.

My best friend is also Catholic. He is happily married and has been so for many years. When I talk to him about these issues, he tells me that the church’s teachings are what he calls “good guidelines” and that I should not be too upset with myself for not succeeding in achieving all of them. The first time he says that I was blown away. He is right.

As democrats, we should never allow our church in this country to order us to vote for one person over another. Like it or not in the past the church has made mistakes. No human run institution is without sin. God may guide the church but humans who run it still have free will to make mistakes that can and do harm other people.

The one thing that holds true always is that “Love” is the central belief. Love is all about giving and not taking. It is all about helping and not harming. It is all about acceptance and not rejection. It is all about caring and not self-centered hate. It is about working together to make a better life for our families.

If our elected officials could find a way to work together in a productive manner than our country would be a better place. If all Americans shared equally, then everyone could enjoy the good fortune and the fruits of our labor.

I think the time has come for the voting public to support the candidates who are willing to embody the concept of love. We should strongly encourage our representatives to protect the rights of All Americans and not just the privileged few.

Monday, September 24, 2012

War on Educators

I would love to be able to say that the Republican Party is the only one guilty of this behavior. The sad truth is that both parties are driving quality educators out of the field on a daily bases at present. Educators get tired of everyone treating them like the enemy. At some point, the fight is just not worth the rewards. Educators get tired of the fight and just want peace.

The job is hard enough with the low pay, overcrowding, students that come not ready to learn because of social issues and a lack of teaching materials. We do what we can while the educational administrators gets richer by the year.

Legislators and government officials at both state and federal levels hand over huge sums of money but refuse to direct the path of that money to the right people. It is like a family member watching a boss hand over the paycheck to an alcoholic. They know that the money will not be spent on basic needs. Educators are then blamed for the failures of the system. They are being forced to take responsibility for circumstances that are out of their control.

Republicans have directed the message to blame frontline workers who get little training, no real support, and low incomes. The wealthy educational administrators and corrupt fund administrators suck up retirement funds. For years, educators have received less than industry standards for their jobs. Any quality educator can leave the educational system and find higher paying work in their field of study even with the current economic difficulties.

Legislators think that the answer is to blame educators and force those educators to teach to some exam that does not reflex the desire to produce thinking intelligent individuals who would be a credit to the workforce. The ability to read, write, and do math is not the only skills that we want from our workforce. Life does not come will an answer key! Problem solving skills and an ability to think critically about issues are abilities that cannot be achieved if students receive all the answers to an exam. Teaching to the exam does not produce productive students.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Congressional Candiddate Michelle Lujan Grisham in the South Valley

Congressional Candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham speaks to a large crowd in the Albuquerque South Valley after being interduced by Congressman Ben R. Lujan.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fired Up and Ready to Vote!

The next few weeks will be busy ones for candidates. Everyone is coming out with weekend events to convince the remaining undecided voters to lean their way when the early voting starts. I can tell you that, if you want them to stop contacting you then vote as early as you possibly can. Once, you cast that vote the candidates and their teams stop trying to contact you.

For individuals who like to be educated and courted by the candidates, these are your golden days in the sun. Once the election is over you will not be seeing federal candidates until reelection time comes around again. For state elections you will have a few months before the race for governor starts to really heat up.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico team has hit the road. They are traveling around the whole state to different events encouraging voters to vote early. This year there is no straight ticket vote. People need to be reminded how completely necessary it is to vote not just for the federal candidates but also state and local candidates.

We here in Bernalillo County are seeing a lot of Michelle Lujan Grisham. She is leading the charge to get voters out to the polls. We have also seen a lot of the local candidates for the state legislature. It is important to encourage these individuals to understand normal working class and middle class people’s issues. Too often candidates are so busy fundraising that the only people who really matter are the richer individuals willing to donate the most. If the voters are not careful those will be the people who are represented in our state and federal government.

I encourage the voting public to talk to candidates that care enough to talk to you. Learn as much as you can about the candidates so as to make an informed choice when voting. Know which candidates support you and your issues. Don’t just vote for pay-for-view candidates just because they look charming or motherly soft on their commercials! A false managed image candidate is not the person you want deciding the laws that will directly affect the future of you and your family.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bill McCamley Candidate for NM House of Representatives District 33

The southern part of the state could do no better than Bill McCamley as a representative. He already works well with a number of legislators who want to create more jobs in the State of New Mexico.

McCamley is a hardworking honest candidate who cares a great deal about his community. Count on him to give the voting public an honest answer as he listens carefully to the public when it comes to issues facing all New Mexicans. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney on the Working Poor

Mitt Romney feels that America Voters are not entitled to Healthcare, Food, or Housing. Nice to know that he cares so little for the voting public.

Tell Mitt Romney that Food, Heathcare, and Housing are not entitlements! Vote for Barack Obama!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 New Mexico State Fair Parade

Congressional District One Candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham out shines her opponent in New Mexico State Fair Parade. Click on the link for lots of great pictures!

2012 New Mexico State Fair Parade

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bill McCamley for House of Representatives District 33

Fundraising Event in Albuquerque:

When: Wednesday, September 19, 2012. 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Where: Chama River Brewing Company. 4939 Pan American Freeway NE. Albuquerque

How: Please make checks payable to:

Campaign to Bill McCamley for State Representative
PO Box 458
Mesilla Park, NM 88048

Ladies if the women of Las Cruces can steal our candidates out of Albuquerque than we can return the favor in kind by stealing one of their candidates for the day. Bill McCamley is a wonderful speaker and a great candidate who deserves our enthusiastic support. I can think of nothing better to do on a Wednesday evening.

Republican Right Beyond Reason

The Republican Party has lied to the American people for so long that some individuals do not know what the truth is anymore; that is if they ever did in the first place. Fox News so distorts the truth that some extreme republicans cannot believe the truth even when every other network is reporting it.

The republicans would have us believe that President Obama bows down to other world governments. We know for a fact that there is not truth in that statement. Since when did working with other world governments to bring about peace become a bad thing? Blind hate and fear of other governments would only lead this country to expensive wars with losses of more American lives.

The republicans want to rewrite history to blame President Obama for our current economic troubles. The truth is that he took office during one of the worst economic down turns in history. As President Clinton said no one, not even him, could have turned this country around in just four short years. It would be unreasonable to expect a miracle of that magnitude in such a short period of time. Still we are as a whole a lot better off than we were just four short years ago. Women need to keep fighting the war in order to protect our current rights and to bring about equality for our daughters when it comes to salaries.

The republicans with their war on women would strip all rights to privacy from women. They would remove them from the workforce and subjugate them to our male population. Women would not be able to protect themselves from abusive men. It is hard to believe that women can support those views at this point in history but in the old south, some women still want to be told how to dress and what to think by a man.

As a thinking, intelligent democratic woman, I will be the first one to call President Obama on his mistakes because I feel that is my right. I am sure that President Obama expects no less from the woman of our party. He has admitted that he is human and made some mistakes during his first term in office. I will keep after him on the issue of real educational reform. Reforms where teachers are treated with respect and given the resources to successfully educate our children.

The republicans fear education because they know thinking intelligent individuals cannot be easily lied to when it comes to things like our economy and employment issues. They denigrate anyone with a degree because they know that a well-educated individual easily dismisses their propaganda as fake and untrue.

We may never be able to change the minds of these extreme right republican individuals but with President Obama in office for four more years perhaps we can prevent the spread of these types of extreme individuals in the future by bringing our country out of recession and providing more jobs. An increased tax base created by those new jobs will also provide the government with more funding to put towards a better education for our children.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Candidates in New Mexico State Fair Parade

This coming Saturday will be the New Mexico State Fair Parade in Albquerque. The parade will start on the fairgrounds at 8:30 am and head East on Central Avenue.

The Democratic Party will have candidates in the parade as always. This year is the year where a woman candidate will be the highest-ranking candidate in the parade. Senatorial candidate Martin Heinrich will not be attending this year’s parade.

Leave it to a woman to get the job done at home where it is important to show respect for women while a male candidate will only be looking at bring home more bacon.

Michelle Lujan Grisham will be the next U.S. Representative for Congressional District One in New Mexico. At present, she is leading in the polls. Michelle Lujan Grisham is polling at 46% while her opponent is polling at a pathetic 32%.

Republican’s war on women has not gone over well in New Mexico. Women are the small business owners and the breadwinners for our families in this state. It will be a positive, to have a woman who understands the issues, representing the state because of issues like education and family.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Albuquerque a Republican Run and Owned City

First Mayor R.J. Berry is elected to run our city. His police force is more concerned with protecting sex offenders and preventing property crime to care about any other crimes. His administration is fighting tooth and nail to prevent low-income individuals from getting a pay increase. Our city has the most job losses of any city in the state and also cities in surrounding states.

The city council is about to become a supermajority controlled by republicans. You can be sure that things will not go well for city employees who are union members. The council will back any plan for things like not putting large construction projects on the ballot for the voters to consider. We will see pet republican construction projects pass with no voter input in the future.

The Bernalillo County Commission is also about to lean to the right as the governor will appoint either a republican or a fake democrat to the position being opened by Commissioner Michelle Lujan Grisham. Grisham is running for congress and gave up the position so that a democrat could be appointed to the ballot this November.

The problem with all of these changes is that no one appears to care in the Democratic Party. Candidates are either charging large prices for pay-for-view events in the city or they are moving their events north and south of our fair city. The State Fair Parade, which has been a big deal in the past, is looking like just another no show this year by candidates and the party. Democratic voters have nothing to talk about or attend that would encourage their desire to vote in the November election.

Why should anyone care if Bernalillo County becomes a republican haven in our state? Well let us just say that without our county someone being elected to a statewide race has very little hope of winning. Our city and county is the largest voting bloc in the state.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

State Senatoral Candidate Michael Padilla's Event in the South Valley

Congressional District One Democratic Candidate Michelle Lujan-Grisham firing up the crowd of over 400 in the South Valley. 

Bernalillo County Commissioner Art Del La Cruz supporting the candidate and his community.

Just another great day in the south valley of Albuquerque.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving Forward

President Barack Obama
at Democratic National Convention
 The president drew a stark contrast last evening between moving our country forward and moving our country backward. As president his duty is to lead in an intelligent and statesman like manner. The other candidate has a problem with many behavioral issues as we have all seen. 

President Obama will work hard to protect middle class families. He will do the investing needed to provide job growth and prosperity in the future. He expects support and responsibility from the voters in this country. He and the Democratic Party are demanding a legislative body that can put aside politics infavor of cooperation in moving our country forward.

We can work with the Republican Party without losing sight of our own moral values. They can work with us without compromising their values. The best solutions are often ones where both parties combine the best and brightest ideas into a whole and complete bill.

No one wants a government that is so large that it cannot get the job done in a timely manner. No one wants our tax dollars wasted when there are great causes that still need funding. No one wants a government that controls ever element of its citizen’s lives.

We demand that the corporations and the rich pay their fair share in taxes to support the future development and security of our country. Citizenship carries with it many responsibilities as well as rights in this country. If republicans expect us to treat corporations as people, than corporations should start living up to their share of the responsibilities.

Our children have a right to a quality education, but the government better be willing to fund that educational process on the front lines. President Obama needs to look at were educational funding is going and not just hand it over to a top heavy administration where it will never get to the classrooms.

We demand that health insurance companies spend a percentage specific amount of their revenues on the services provided before awarding profits to their top executives, so why not demand that schools spend a percentage specific amount on classroom teachers, student academic support, and classroom materials in order to protect those that services are meant for in the first place.

President Obama is right when he says that we need more math and science teachers. His job is to provide a salary to attract quality people into the field. He also needs to supply those instructors with the materials needed to teach those classes. If he is going to demand more teachers than he better make sure higher education is affordable in those specific fields.

Lastly, the Democratic Party is the big tent party. If some groups are going to demand equality then two things should happen. First, they should not be allowed to exclude other groups just because of differing views on their issues within the party. Second, everyone in this country should realize that some issues are not a matter of a checklist created by either side but a complex negotiation with all the concerns parties having access to the table.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic National Convention--Shared Prosperity and Shared Responsibility

President Obama and Former President Clinton
At the Democratic National Covention
Last evening President Bill Clinton eloquently spoke about the what, which needed to be fixed in our country and how President Obama plans to fix it in order to move our country forward. President Clinton displayed why Americans still see him as one of our greatest presidents to date. President Clinton suggested that a good place to start fixing our economy was with some good old-fashion basic math skills.

Something the Republican Party is lacking. The Republican Party wants to cut taxes on the richest top two percent of Americans but fails to provide the math on how they plans to pay for those tax reductions. They could possibly enact cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Educational Funding, and Social Services to millions of Americans in the middle class just to balance their budget.

President Obama wants to invest in education, research and infrastructure by tax savings and tax increases to the richest Americans. Any business owner will tell you that the only way to build a company is to invest in these same three important areas.

Government research has been responsible for everything from frozen peas to new and improved forms of solar power collectors in this country. It has sent a man to the moon and produced the information highway. Without investment now, the future could be a place where our children’s economy will be stuck in neutral or worse.

President Clinton is a remarkable man who has the ability to explain things in a way, which all Americans can get the meaning. He was the man who managed not only to balance our budget but also to leave our country with a surplus. President Clinton stressed the need for Americans to demand that the republicans learn to work with democrats in order to fix our problems. President Bill Clinton is no saint in most women’s eyes, nevertheless; he does know how to fix the problems that middle class families are facing.

The Democratic Party is lucky to have such a senior statesmen as President Bill Clinton. We should take his sage advice and vote for President Obama in order to protect our children’s future.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If a Man is Measured by His Wife

If anything speaks to the core values of a man, it is his wife. President Obama’s wife, Michelle, embodies the core values of the Democratic Party. Family is a story that is central to all democrats. The narrative of how we treat our family is very important in this country. Putting the needs of our children before your own selfish desires is at the base of those values.

Whether, you are a single mother with children struggling to get by, a gay couple wishing to be treated as a normal family, or a married couple just looking to provide for your growing family these values and morals far out weight any desire to be self-centered. We look to improve the lives of our families above all else.

As a country, we see a group of very rich individuals; we call the Republican Party, who put themselves and one man’s achievement before the welfare of our country. They value individual achievement over the longevity of our country. “We Built this!” They see people as being disposable. They view women and minorities as less valuable. They see the successes of unions, which improved the safety and welfare of millions of working class Americans, as a treat to their control.

We are not fighting for one man but for a dream that helped create the middle class in this country. The values we are defending are at the core of what we as American Voters care most about. If the speeches last evening were meant to do anything, it was to remind us of what we are fighting to protect in this election.

Tonight and tomorrow will be all about how to move this country forward but last evening was all about the why.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mayor R. J. Berry Defends First Amendment Rights of Sex Offenders

Mayor R. J. Berry welcomes sex offenders to our city for a conference to reduce laws that protect women and children. Berry would make Albuquerque a welcome haven for people who destroy the lives of women and children.

Berry has done away with many of the administrative rules put into place by former Mayor Martin Chavez that were aimed at protecting women and children in this city from sex offenders. It is outrages that a mayor could defend individuals who have a proven record of re-offending.

Police are not preparing to defend the citizens of this city but are attempting to protect the sex offenders from the citizens of this city.

Citizens in this city have a right to be safe in their communities. Now the mayor is encouraging sex offenders to move to our city by his very behaviors. He would create a community of sex offenders in the Southeast heights side of our city.

This is no way to attract businesses to our city. It is no wonder that New Mexico is losing jobs while other states are gaining them. Who in their right mind would want to start a family in a city known for its sex offenders. Mayor Berry’s actions make you wonder why he is so supportive of these individuals.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day at the Democratic National Convention

Mayor Vilaragoiza and
 Chairman Javier Gonzales
Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Javier Gonzales spent Labor Day doing a fine job of representing New Mexico Democrats at the national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Strong leadership by party leaders both past and present has turned New Mexico Blue. Chairman Gonzales’ approach is one that women in this state see as being very supportive of their issues. 
Congressman Martin Heinrich spent the day on the campaign trail here in New Mexico saying that he will never  take voters for granite and will work hard for every vote until  they are counted on election day. Congressman Heinrich has a proud history of supporting democratic values for New Mexicans both in this state and in Washington D.C. He is a candidate for the senatorial seat now held by Senator Jeff Bingaman. Senator Bingaman is retiring after a  long distinguished career as a public servant for New Mexico. 
County Chairwomen Ana Luna Canales
and State Chairman Javier Gonzales
Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Chairwoman Ana Luna Canales will be leading the delegates from Bernalillo County in support of President Obama. Bernalillo County has one of the largest voting blocks for democrats in the state. Chairwoman Canales is a fine example of what a Hispanic Woman can achieve in support of women in this state.
Delegate groups will be supporting voting blocks such as Hispanic, Native Americans, and women. New Mexico has one of the most diverse populations in this part of the country. Democratic candidates are proud to provide representation and support for all New Mexicans in this state.
The Republican Party has failed in supporting the diversity in this state so voters have turned to the Democratic Party for support and understanding. The current governor is too busy pandering to powerful white rich republicans and corporations to give honest representation to the many subcultures in our state. 
The next three days will be filled with opportunities for the Democratic Party to shine in front of the whole country. Many major democratic leaders will be speaking about the issues facing this country. The convention will end on Thursday as President Obama accepts his parties nomination for reelection to the oval office.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Seat is Taken

This seat is taken by a young women who has just finished college. She is looking for a president who will protect her constitutional right to family planning by appointing a supreme court justice, who understands that without affordable accessible birth control she will not be able to ensure her families economic security.

This seat is taken by a college graduate woman who is now looking for a job. She is looking for a president who will grow our economy with new jobs. She wants affordable healthcare that will allow her to stay healthy and productive thus allow her to move up the career ladder.

This seat is taken by a middle aged, middle class woman who owns her own small business. Yes, a business she built with her own blood, sweat, and tears. She is looking for a president that will lower her taxes, simplify government paperwork, and provide low cost loans to help her grow her company. The company which ensures that her family and her community has safe homes and a secure economic future. This woman is a community leader not looking for a hand-out but a hand-up by the government.

This seat is taken by the single mother who wants a good education for her child. She is looking for a president who can make sure her child’s teachers are not teaching to some exam but training her child in critical thinking skills. She knows that teachers who are distracted by the threat of economic insecurity make poor educators. She does not want to hear about educational administrator who get six figure salaries while her child’s teachers are pleading for classroom supplies.

This seat is taken by a middle class women who has just reached the level of management. She is looking for a president who will ensure that college is affordable to her children without weighing them down with major student loan debt. She is looking for a president that will protect her parents social security so that she will not be forced to support her parents in what should be their golden years.

This seat is taken by a middle class women who has reached management level in her career. She is looking for a president who will ensure that her pay is the same as the man who holds the office next door. She wants a president that will ensure her social security is still there when she retires in just a few short years.

This seat is taken by a middle class women who has just retired. She wants a president who will protect her retirement and her healthcare. She wants to be able to watch her grandchildren grow up without being force out of retirement just to make ends met. She wants a president who will hold corporations accountable for their decisions that affect stock prices and retirement pensions.

The women in these seats will be watching carefully next Tuesday to see how the Democratic Party plans on moving our country forward. The last thing these women want is to hear how the Republican Party will move our country backward. We have already heard about their failed policies and backward thinking.

We are not looking for another empty chair but one that will be filled with a individual who provides promise for our futures. We want a president with a vision of how to move our country forward into a more productive future.