Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic National Convention--Shared Prosperity and Shared Responsibility

President Obama and Former President Clinton
At the Democratic National Covention
Last evening President Bill Clinton eloquently spoke about the what, which needed to be fixed in our country and how President Obama plans to fix it in order to move our country forward. President Clinton displayed why Americans still see him as one of our greatest presidents to date. President Clinton suggested that a good place to start fixing our economy was with some good old-fashion basic math skills.

Something the Republican Party is lacking. The Republican Party wants to cut taxes on the richest top two percent of Americans but fails to provide the math on how they plans to pay for those tax reductions. They could possibly enact cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Educational Funding, and Social Services to millions of Americans in the middle class just to balance their budget.

President Obama wants to invest in education, research and infrastructure by tax savings and tax increases to the richest Americans. Any business owner will tell you that the only way to build a company is to invest in these same three important areas.

Government research has been responsible for everything from frozen peas to new and improved forms of solar power collectors in this country. It has sent a man to the moon and produced the information highway. Without investment now, the future could be a place where our children’s economy will be stuck in neutral or worse.

President Clinton is a remarkable man who has the ability to explain things in a way, which all Americans can get the meaning. He was the man who managed not only to balance our budget but also to leave our country with a surplus. President Clinton stressed the need for Americans to demand that the republicans learn to work with democrats in order to fix our problems. President Bill Clinton is no saint in most women’s eyes, nevertheless; he does know how to fix the problems that middle class families are facing.

The Democratic Party is lucky to have such a senior statesmen as President Bill Clinton. We should take his sage advice and vote for President Obama in order to protect our children’s future.