Thursday, September 13, 2012

Republican Right Beyond Reason

The Republican Party has lied to the American people for so long that some individuals do not know what the truth is anymore; that is if they ever did in the first place. Fox News so distorts the truth that some extreme republicans cannot believe the truth even when every other network is reporting it.

The republicans would have us believe that President Obama bows down to other world governments. We know for a fact that there is not truth in that statement. Since when did working with other world governments to bring about peace become a bad thing? Blind hate and fear of other governments would only lead this country to expensive wars with losses of more American lives.

The republicans want to rewrite history to blame President Obama for our current economic troubles. The truth is that he took office during one of the worst economic down turns in history. As President Clinton said no one, not even him, could have turned this country around in just four short years. It would be unreasonable to expect a miracle of that magnitude in such a short period of time. Still we are as a whole a lot better off than we were just four short years ago. Women need to keep fighting the war in order to protect our current rights and to bring about equality for our daughters when it comes to salaries.

The republicans with their war on women would strip all rights to privacy from women. They would remove them from the workforce and subjugate them to our male population. Women would not be able to protect themselves from abusive men. It is hard to believe that women can support those views at this point in history but in the old south, some women still want to be told how to dress and what to think by a man.

As a thinking, intelligent democratic woman, I will be the first one to call President Obama on his mistakes because I feel that is my right. I am sure that President Obama expects no less from the woman of our party. He has admitted that he is human and made some mistakes during his first term in office. I will keep after him on the issue of real educational reform. Reforms where teachers are treated with respect and given the resources to successfully educate our children.

The republicans fear education because they know thinking intelligent individuals cannot be easily lied to when it comes to things like our economy and employment issues. They denigrate anyone with a degree because they know that a well-educated individual easily dismisses their propaganda as fake and untrue.

We may never be able to change the minds of these extreme right republican individuals but with President Obama in office for four more years perhaps we can prevent the spread of these types of extreme individuals in the future by bringing our country out of recession and providing more jobs. An increased tax base created by those new jobs will also provide the government with more funding to put towards a better education for our children.