Friday, September 28, 2012

NMSU President and the Regents

The issue of the president's job at NMSU is an employment issue therefore nothing can be said until it is resolved. Had the Regents for New Mexico Southern University said anything publicly, the school could have been sued. I don’t think taxpayers want a lawsuit over something that should be keep private in the first place.

I am sure that the Regents for the school will provide the voting public and the school employees with as much of an answer as they can once the matter is settled. What type of fool would demand private employment information from university officials just to sate his own curiosity at the expense of taxpayers.

Public employees should have a right to some privacy. Public employees do not agree to give up their constitutional rights just to work for the government. At this point the voting public has no idea as to what the problem is in the first place at the school. Unless the president of the school did something illegal or unethical we may never know the full story.

The voters have to ask themselves would you want your private employment information handed over to the public just to sate someone's curiosity?

Update: The President was released from her position at NMSU. As should have been expected little information was given. Now it is up to the regents to make the process of hiring a replacement as open as possible.