Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving Forward

President Barack Obama
at Democratic National Convention
 The president drew a stark contrast last evening between moving our country forward and moving our country backward. As president his duty is to lead in an intelligent and statesman like manner. The other candidate has a problem with many behavioral issues as we have all seen. 

President Obama will work hard to protect middle class families. He will do the investing needed to provide job growth and prosperity in the future. He expects support and responsibility from the voters in this country. He and the Democratic Party are demanding a legislative body that can put aside politics infavor of cooperation in moving our country forward.

We can work with the Republican Party without losing sight of our own moral values. They can work with us without compromising their values. The best solutions are often ones where both parties combine the best and brightest ideas into a whole and complete bill.

No one wants a government that is so large that it cannot get the job done in a timely manner. No one wants our tax dollars wasted when there are great causes that still need funding. No one wants a government that controls ever element of its citizen’s lives.

We demand that the corporations and the rich pay their fair share in taxes to support the future development and security of our country. Citizenship carries with it many responsibilities as well as rights in this country. If republicans expect us to treat corporations as people, than corporations should start living up to their share of the responsibilities.

Our children have a right to a quality education, but the government better be willing to fund that educational process on the front lines. President Obama needs to look at were educational funding is going and not just hand it over to a top heavy administration where it will never get to the classrooms.

We demand that health insurance companies spend a percentage specific amount of their revenues on the services provided before awarding profits to their top executives, so why not demand that schools spend a percentage specific amount on classroom teachers, student academic support, and classroom materials in order to protect those that services are meant for in the first place.

President Obama is right when he says that we need more math and science teachers. His job is to provide a salary to attract quality people into the field. He also needs to supply those instructors with the materials needed to teach those classes. If he is going to demand more teachers than he better make sure higher education is affordable in those specific fields.

Lastly, the Democratic Party is the big tent party. If some groups are going to demand equality then two things should happen. First, they should not be allowed to exclude other groups just because of differing views on their issues within the party. Second, everyone in this country should realize that some issues are not a matter of a checklist created by either side but a complex negotiation with all the concerns parties having access to the table.