Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If a Man is Measured by His Wife

If anything speaks to the core values of a man, it is his wife. President Obama’s wife, Michelle, embodies the core values of the Democratic Party. Family is a story that is central to all democrats. The narrative of how we treat our family is very important in this country. Putting the needs of our children before your own selfish desires is at the base of those values.

Whether, you are a single mother with children struggling to get by, a gay couple wishing to be treated as a normal family, or a married couple just looking to provide for your growing family these values and morals far out weight any desire to be self-centered. We look to improve the lives of our families above all else.

As a country, we see a group of very rich individuals; we call the Republican Party, who put themselves and one man’s achievement before the welfare of our country. They value individual achievement over the longevity of our country. “We Built this!” They see people as being disposable. They view women and minorities as less valuable. They see the successes of unions, which improved the safety and welfare of millions of working class Americans, as a treat to their control.

We are not fighting for one man but for a dream that helped create the middle class in this country. The values we are defending are at the core of what we as American Voters care most about. If the speeches last evening were meant to do anything, it was to remind us of what we are fighting to protect in this election.

Tonight and tomorrow will be all about how to move this country forward but last evening was all about the why.