Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We have all seen what speculation in the housing market has done to this country. We know that speculation in the oil market drives up the price of a barrel of oil making gas prices soar. Now the world market is facing speculation on food products.

So gas prices go up and you see $5.00 a gallon gas in the United States with higher prices in other countries around the world. Housing prices go up and you see a market crash that the United States has not experienced since the nineteen thirties. Now you see food prices climb and what happens? Instability worldwide is the future result if something is not done to stop or at least control the speculation of food products.

Speculation is not a good deal on any item that is so important that people around the world will starve if it gets out of control. It is one thing to speculate on things like technology but quite another to speculate on things that support basic human life in this world.

What next are we going to allow speculation on water supplies so that people would not be able to afford a glass of water? Maybe we should allow speculation on healthcare delivery or education? Oh wait we already do.

We need an end to uncontrolled market speculation worldwide. We cannot afford to keep putting out the fires produced by uncontrolled market speculation on basic products and services that support human life and the quality of human life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben Lujan Speaker of the State House and Governor Martinez

For the next two years republicans and our new woman governor will find that the state house of representatives is controlled by a kind gentle lion by the name of Ben Lujan Sr. Even with the new republicans in office it will be hard to change the direction of this state when it comes to humanitarian issues like immigration, capital punishment, and the environment.

Our new governor would do better to stick to balancing the budget on the backs of overpaid top educational administration. It will be only too interesting to see if she can cut some of those overpriced paychecks in state education without harming our children in the classrooms. Clearly Top Educational Administration feels that they are far too valuable to have their pay cut and will fight tooth and nail with their highly paid lobbyists to keep the governor from taking one feather from their well lined nest. After all what is more important to them their lobbyists and public image consultants or our children.

One APS high school science teacher put it plainly recently when she said I have a zero dollar budget this year for science supplies for my classroom. If we want our state to improve when it comes to our children’s education then we need to start by changing the value system of the people who are responsible for running that system. Clearly without instructional support staff and supplies teachers have little hope of improving how they deliver classroom instruction. Training for teachers is another area which is in bad need of support. Administration does not need to be the ones sent to conferences on taxpayer’s dollars. The time for luxury items for top educational administration is over and their pay needs to be cut in order to more wisely spend that money in the classroom where it should have been spent all along.

One does have to wonder why Martinez a catholic would oppose the Pope’s stand on Capital Punishment. The church has made it clear that they do not support this rather uncivilized form of punishment for criminals. After all the church and all of its members has a duty to protect the sanctity of life. Still this is an issue that divides us all because of the need to protect our brave police officers and our children. This was an issue that even Governor Richardson struggled with for a long time before ending the practice in our state.

As for illegal immigrants this is a difficult question for all New Mexicans since we just don’t have the resources at this point in time to support more people in our state. We have a duty to provide for our legal residents to start with who need the jobs and the money provided for by our tax dollars. Still we already have people in this state illegally who are working hard to get an education and it will not go well for anyone if we keep these people uneducated and restrict their ability to provide a living for themselves and their families. Clearly more must be done to force these individuals into applying for legal citizenship and forcing them to become legal workers in our country. Still this is a national issue that states should not be dealing with alone. It is far past time that our federal government got to work on this issue and gave states along the border some much needed relief.

Mayor Marty Chavez’s Mother Passes

On Monday at the age of 92 Sarah Baca Chavez passed away peacefully in her sleep after what her son called a life well lived. She gave the City of Albuquerque one of its strongest leaders who worked hard to create a place well worth living in for its many citizens.

Let us all send our sincere condolences to Ex-Mayor Martin Chavez and his family at this time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Broken Promises and Cuts to Education

Over the years legislators have repeatedly told educators to trust them and they would support teachers and support staff. Yet education in this state is under funded and top administration is over paid. The new governor says that cuts will be to administration but administration is telling educational employees that the cuts will come directly from support programs and their personal paychecks before one dime is cut from administration. Educators have not reason to trust anyone in Santa Fe when it comes to funding.

Words are cheap and actions take courage which is something that is in very short supply in Santa Fe. Promises are broken freely without a care when it comes to elected officials. Their words means nothing to educators in this state. They say nice things to get elected only to have their word mean nothing when it comes to our children and their future. Why should anyone working in the field trust one single work from them. Martinez’s word is clearly nothing more then lies just like any other politician since she was willing to back down and cut education in the name of a balanced budget. Why should we believe her when she says that those cuts will come from administration when the administration has made it crystal clear that they are in control of education and that no one is Santa Fe can overcome their control.

Legislators should be held to their word and voted out if it proves to be untrue. Stand up for education or step down.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Political Rhetoric--Has it gone too far?

Even if yesterday’s attack on a member of congress was not directly linked to a extreme political group it is a loud wake up call for all Americans and especially those who work in political circles. Words are used because they have an real effect on human behavior toward others. We hope for the most part that words will inspire people to create change for the positive. Problems arise when we disagree with how to define positive change.

It is true that most people at one point or another in their life has off handed said that they would just love to kill someone for how they behave but in civilized society it is never a serious treat but just a strong expression of frustration on the part of the speaker.

Political Rhetoric is people expressing in harsh terms their extreme frustration and fears with a current issue or situation that they strongly disagree with and still feel they need to affect change on. Political Rhetoric is used to motivate people who would otherwise be disconnected from normal political activities and or actions.

The conservative party and the right wing groups in our society of today for the most part have used much harsher language in recent time when describing their opponents. They engage in personal attacks because they understand that words can incite strong emotional reactions that will motivate people to take action who would otherwise not react and take action on issues. Let us all hope that the unintended consequences of these actions are that mentally unstable individuals react in incorrect ways that include the taking of lives and the destruction of personal property. Sane people understand that these groups are expressing their own strong feelings of frustration when faced with a situation they disapprove of and have a strong desire to change.

The answer is to make sure that everyone in our society understands clearly that physical violence is never acceptable when directed toward elected officials and will only reverse any progress made toward a social goal. Physical violence has the effect of harming the group that encourages it toward elected officials. I can only hope that what happened in Arizona yesterday will encourage positive forms of political discourse when it comes to controversial political issues. More should be done in the future to bring groups together so that they can attempt to resolve their issues without encouraging violent behaviors especially toward public servants.

It is long past time that we learned to teach all individuals sane or otherwise in our nation to love thy enemy no matter how much you may disagree with their views on politics. Perhaps then finally the killing of public servants and innocents bystanders will stop in our society.

We pray for the well being of the people harmed in yesterday's attack and for the peace of mind of the families of those killed.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Congresswoman Giffords shot by Gunman

Reaction by our Congressman Martin Heinrich:

"Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is a friend of mine, a tireless advocate for military families, and one of the most talented Democratic leaders of my generation. While we do not yet have all the facts, an assassination attempt of this nature is an attack on our democratic process itself. My thoughts and prayers go out to her, her husband and family and to all the victims and their families."

Congressman Heinrich is right about this being an attack on our democratic process and this is a direct result of attacks on members of congress for their votes. No one should ever think they have the right to attack an elected official just because they disagree with their voting record. Clearly this man was mental.

There is always a peaceful way to deal with elected officials if you disagree with their voting record. More should be done for people with mental health issues in this country.

Congresswoman Giffords looks like she will recover but U.S. District Court Judge Roll along with a 9 year old child was killed in the attack on the congresswoman

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Community Legislative Forum



Senator Tim Keller and Senator Cisco McSorley

Representative Gail Chasey, Representative Al Park and

Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton

Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time: 6:00- 7:30 pm

Place: African American Performing Arts Center

Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds

310 San Pedro NE


Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Female Governor

While Susana Martinez is not a democrat and I am sure that we will disagree with her on issues that come up in this state over the next four years, I wish her all the best in office. I hope that she will set a higher standard for every governor male or female that has the pleasure to follow her in office.

Governor Martinez says that she wishes to put our children first. I look forward to seeing that put into action in our classrooms. We all know that larger classrooms are not good for our children so I hope that she will fight to protect our children when it comes to that issue. I also hope that she will not trust the top educational administration when it comes to how we spend our educational dollars. Now is the time to look closely at how government funding is being spent in our state when it comes to education. I also hope that she will encourage training for our classroom teachers on teaching methods that work for our children. If a teacher fails to encourage our children then they need training. I know that most teachers out there care greatly for our children and need the support of their new governor.

I am very pleased that Governor Martinez signed an order that will prohibit state agencies or boards from hiring lobbyists, The fewer lobbyists in Santa Fe the better off the voting public in this state. More ethics laws should be put into place that would deal with how much influence lobbyists have over our elected officials. No normal voter who makes the effort to travel to Santa Fe wants to be faced with a room full of lobbyists who representative large corporations and top educational administration. Least do they want their own voice drown out by those high paid lobbyists when it comes to important issues that effect our children.

As for small businesses I can’t disagree with getting rid of red tape when it comes to opening businesses in our state. Small business bring jobs at a time when our state needs those jobs. I hope she finds ways to make our state a very business friendly environment without harming the consumers in the process. Laws that are clear and easy to follow are less likely to be broken by honest business men and women. I also hope that if someone brakes business laws with the intent to harm consumers just to make higher profits that our governor will show those people why she was considers a good prosecutor in the first place.

Since Governor Martinez was a prosecutor I also hope she will see the need to fund the legal system in this state. We do not want criminals getting out of jail just because our state cannot be bothered to fund the legal system to the extent that it cannot efficiently do it job. Now illegal aliens is going to be one of those issues where we have to disagree strongly. I fear that if driver licenses are taken away that it could cause harm because it will result in more police chases of individuals that don’t have them even if the only law they have broken is one that the federal government has failed to deal with in a fair and just manner. If the federal government gets off it collective seat and does something about this issue then state governors will not have to deal with the problem in the first place. Immigration is clearly a federal issue and should be treated as one by border governors.

So we watch and we wait to see just how effective this new governor will be over the next four years. We also prepare to have a quality candidate ready for 2014. I hope that Governor Martinez remembers that she now represents all New Mexicans in this state.