Monday, January 17, 2011

Broken Promises and Cuts to Education

Over the years legislators have repeatedly told educators to trust them and they would support teachers and support staff. Yet education in this state is under funded and top administration is over paid. The new governor says that cuts will be to administration but administration is telling educational employees that the cuts will come directly from support programs and their personal paychecks before one dime is cut from administration. Educators have not reason to trust anyone in Santa Fe when it comes to funding.

Words are cheap and actions take courage which is something that is in very short supply in Santa Fe. Promises are broken freely without a care when it comes to elected officials. Their words means nothing to educators in this state. They say nice things to get elected only to have their word mean nothing when it comes to our children and their future. Why should anyone working in the field trust one single work from them. Martinez’s word is clearly nothing more then lies just like any other politician since she was willing to back down and cut education in the name of a balanced budget. Why should we believe her when she says that those cuts will come from administration when the administration has made it crystal clear that they are in control of education and that no one is Santa Fe can overcome their control.

Legislators should be held to their word and voted out if it proves to be untrue. Stand up for education or step down.