Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Female Governor

While Susana Martinez is not a democrat and I am sure that we will disagree with her on issues that come up in this state over the next four years, I wish her all the best in office. I hope that she will set a higher standard for every governor male or female that has the pleasure to follow her in office.

Governor Martinez says that she wishes to put our children first. I look forward to seeing that put into action in our classrooms. We all know that larger classrooms are not good for our children so I hope that she will fight to protect our children when it comes to that issue. I also hope that she will not trust the top educational administration when it comes to how we spend our educational dollars. Now is the time to look closely at how government funding is being spent in our state when it comes to education. I also hope that she will encourage training for our classroom teachers on teaching methods that work for our children. If a teacher fails to encourage our children then they need training. I know that most teachers out there care greatly for our children and need the support of their new governor.

I am very pleased that Governor Martinez signed an order that will prohibit state agencies or boards from hiring lobbyists, The fewer lobbyists in Santa Fe the better off the voting public in this state. More ethics laws should be put into place that would deal with how much influence lobbyists have over our elected officials. No normal voter who makes the effort to travel to Santa Fe wants to be faced with a room full of lobbyists who representative large corporations and top educational administration. Least do they want their own voice drown out by those high paid lobbyists when it comes to important issues that effect our children.

As for small businesses I can’t disagree with getting rid of red tape when it comes to opening businesses in our state. Small business bring jobs at a time when our state needs those jobs. I hope she finds ways to make our state a very business friendly environment without harming the consumers in the process. Laws that are clear and easy to follow are less likely to be broken by honest business men and women. I also hope that if someone brakes business laws with the intent to harm consumers just to make higher profits that our governor will show those people why she was considers a good prosecutor in the first place.

Since Governor Martinez was a prosecutor I also hope she will see the need to fund the legal system in this state. We do not want criminals getting out of jail just because our state cannot be bothered to fund the legal system to the extent that it cannot efficiently do it job. Now illegal aliens is going to be one of those issues where we have to disagree strongly. I fear that if driver licenses are taken away that it could cause harm because it will result in more police chases of individuals that don’t have them even if the only law they have broken is one that the federal government has failed to deal with in a fair and just manner. If the federal government gets off it collective seat and does something about this issue then state governors will not have to deal with the problem in the first place. Immigration is clearly a federal issue and should be treated as one by border governors.

So we watch and we wait to see just how effective this new governor will be over the next four years. We also prepare to have a quality candidate ready for 2014. I hope that Governor Martinez remembers that she now represents all New Mexicans in this state.