Sunday, January 9, 2011

Political Rhetoric--Has it gone too far?

Even if yesterday’s attack on a member of congress was not directly linked to a extreme political group it is a loud wake up call for all Americans and especially those who work in political circles. Words are used because they have an real effect on human behavior toward others. We hope for the most part that words will inspire people to create change for the positive. Problems arise when we disagree with how to define positive change.

It is true that most people at one point or another in their life has off handed said that they would just love to kill someone for how they behave but in civilized society it is never a serious treat but just a strong expression of frustration on the part of the speaker.

Political Rhetoric is people expressing in harsh terms their extreme frustration and fears with a current issue or situation that they strongly disagree with and still feel they need to affect change on. Political Rhetoric is used to motivate people who would otherwise be disconnected from normal political activities and or actions.

The conservative party and the right wing groups in our society of today for the most part have used much harsher language in recent time when describing their opponents. They engage in personal attacks because they understand that words can incite strong emotional reactions that will motivate people to take action who would otherwise not react and take action on issues. Let us all hope that the unintended consequences of these actions are that mentally unstable individuals react in incorrect ways that include the taking of lives and the destruction of personal property. Sane people understand that these groups are expressing their own strong feelings of frustration when faced with a situation they disapprove of and have a strong desire to change.

The answer is to make sure that everyone in our society understands clearly that physical violence is never acceptable when directed toward elected officials and will only reverse any progress made toward a social goal. Physical violence has the effect of harming the group that encourages it toward elected officials. I can only hope that what happened in Arizona yesterday will encourage positive forms of political discourse when it comes to controversial political issues. More should be done in the future to bring groups together so that they can attempt to resolve their issues without encouraging violent behaviors especially toward public servants.

It is long past time that we learned to teach all individuals sane or otherwise in our nation to love thy enemy no matter how much you may disagree with their views on politics. Perhaps then finally the killing of public servants and innocents bystanders will stop in our society.

We pray for the well being of the people harmed in yesterday's attack and for the peace of mind of the families of those killed.