Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben Lujan Speaker of the State House and Governor Martinez

For the next two years republicans and our new woman governor will find that the state house of representatives is controlled by a kind gentle lion by the name of Ben Lujan Sr. Even with the new republicans in office it will be hard to change the direction of this state when it comes to humanitarian issues like immigration, capital punishment, and the environment.

Our new governor would do better to stick to balancing the budget on the backs of overpaid top educational administration. It will be only too interesting to see if she can cut some of those overpriced paychecks in state education without harming our children in the classrooms. Clearly Top Educational Administration feels that they are far too valuable to have their pay cut and will fight tooth and nail with their highly paid lobbyists to keep the governor from taking one feather from their well lined nest. After all what is more important to them their lobbyists and public image consultants or our children.

One APS high school science teacher put it plainly recently when she said I have a zero dollar budget this year for science supplies for my classroom. If we want our state to improve when it comes to our children’s education then we need to start by changing the value system of the people who are responsible for running that system. Clearly without instructional support staff and supplies teachers have little hope of improving how they deliver classroom instruction. Training for teachers is another area which is in bad need of support. Administration does not need to be the ones sent to conferences on taxpayer’s dollars. The time for luxury items for top educational administration is over and their pay needs to be cut in order to more wisely spend that money in the classroom where it should have been spent all along.

One does have to wonder why Martinez a catholic would oppose the Pope’s stand on Capital Punishment. The church has made it clear that they do not support this rather uncivilized form of punishment for criminals. After all the church and all of its members has a duty to protect the sanctity of life. Still this is an issue that divides us all because of the need to protect our brave police officers and our children. This was an issue that even Governor Richardson struggled with for a long time before ending the practice in our state.

As for illegal immigrants this is a difficult question for all New Mexicans since we just don’t have the resources at this point in time to support more people in our state. We have a duty to provide for our legal residents to start with who need the jobs and the money provided for by our tax dollars. Still we already have people in this state illegally who are working hard to get an education and it will not go well for anyone if we keep these people uneducated and restrict their ability to provide a living for themselves and their families. Clearly more must be done to force these individuals into applying for legal citizenship and forcing them to become legal workers in our country. Still this is a national issue that states should not be dealing with alone. It is far past time that our federal government got to work on this issue and gave states along the border some much needed relief.