Saturday, March 10, 2012

Democratic Party Pre-Primary Convention Unofficial Results

And the winners are:

Martin Heinrich 54%
Hector Balderas 46%

Martin Heinrich is the clear winner for the Pre-Primary Convention. Hector Balderas made the mistake of not breaking with the past. Heinrich will be the candidate to beat in November. Wilson with all of her failures in the ethical area of politics will not be able to make a case in the general election against Heinrich.

Congressional District One
Eric Griego
Martin Chavez
Michelle Lujan Grisham

This race is close Eric Griego clearly has walked away with the lead coming out of the pre-primary convention. Chavez will have his work cut out for him to stand a chance in the Primary.

Congressional District Two

Evelyn Madrid Erhard

This woman has the ability to beat Steve Pearce in the fall. Pearce has not just crossed the line with women but he is off the deep end. Erhard came off as a solid serious candidate for the Democratic Party.

Congressional District Three

Ben Ray Luján

Congressman Luján’s race was in the bag from the start. Congressman Luján lives and breaths the party’s moral and ethical values. He is a man who was well trained by his father in the art of public service. He is honorable and humble from the start with a solid grounding in the small communities of the northern New Mexico.

New Mexico Court of Appeals

Monica M. Zamora
Victor Lopez

Judge Zamora has the lead in this race coming out of the convention. Judge Victor Lopez will need to bring his “A” game to catch up. Both candidates in this race will run circles around the Governor appointed republican candidate. The governor made the mistake of letting money come before ethics when appointing this judgeship.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Michael Padilla for State Senate Matanza

Michael Padilla's Matanza

Judge Monica Zamora at South Valley Matanza

Judge Monica Zamora is a Second District Court Judge who is a candidate for

the New Mexico Court of Appeals

You could say she is a judge who carries a big stick and speaks softly.

She knows how to stir a pot that is for sure.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Woman's Reproductive Rights

Drug addicted old white men who almost certainly stopped having sex years ago should not be trying to call young women names just because they standup for their reproductive rights. Rush should remember that he is not without his own sins. I think as long as a woman respects herself and uses birth control in a responsible manner than men like Rush should just stay out of it.

As a catholic, I don’t support forcing the church to pay for birth control. Lots of catholic women use the drug for health reasons. Having too many children can kill a woman at an early age. God gave us a brain so we could use it to help ourselves avoid harm. Unless men want to stop having sex, they must stand up for a woman’s right to access low cost birth control.

Truth be told this is a small minority of crazed republicans, who just want to take the extreme view that supports these attacks on women’s reproductive rights. No rational man would ever tell his wife to stop taking birth control. Since man is supposed to be made in God’s image then I would hope he also received some of God’s common sense. Maybe all republican women should stop taking the pill for the next few months until the election is over just to prove the point.