Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Judicial Selection Committee

“The composition of the Commission is set forth below, with our indication of the authority making the appointments to the Commission:

  1.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or Designee appointed by the Chief Justice 
  2.  Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals or Designee appointed by the Chief Judge (except on Metropolitan Court Commissions)
  3. Chief Judge of the District Court where the vacancy exists or Designee appointed by the Chief Judge
  4. Chief Judge of the Metropolitan Court where the vacancy exists or Designee appointed by the Chief Judge (if a Metropolitan Court Commission)
  5. Attorney appointed by the Governor
  6. Non-Lawyer appointed by the Governor
  7. Attorney appointed by the Speaker of the House
  8. Non-Lawyer appointed by the Speaker of the House
  9. Attorney appointed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate
  10. Non-Lawyer appointed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate
In addition, attorneys are appointed by the State Bar President in consultation with the Judges on the Commission to achieve political parity among the Commissioners. The Commission membership must include an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, and should reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, and type of practice. The State Bar President, in consultation with the Judges, ensures that his/her appointments include civil plaintiff and defense lawyers as well as criminal prosecution and defense attorneys. The attorneys and lay persons serving on the Commission must reside in the judicial district where the vacancy occurs.”

Therefore, in order for a citizen to be appointed to the selection committee, you would have to know either the Governor, the President Pro Tem of the Senate or the Speaker of the House. How is that not political? Also only three of the ten-member commission is not lawyers.

I still put my trust in the voting public when it comes to picking a candidate for a judicial position. Open elections are far better than selection by secretive groups that have no interest in protecting the rights of the voting public. Lawyers are interested in primarily protecting their own not the voting public. Politicians are also only interest in protecting the people that are represented by lobbyists.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Candidate’s Personal Lives

When you enter the public life as a candidate for an elected office, you are asking the voting public to look you up one side and down the other. The public wants to know if you are honest, hard working, truthful and sincere. They want to know if you can handle the pressure of the job. How you treat your family and friends. What are your core values? What are you past mistakes? In addition, how you overcame difficult times in your life.

Once or twice is not a pattern but when you get past ten times I think you can honestly call that a pattern. Prove you can overcome bad behaviors but do not try to minimize them as not important to the voters. Be honest with yourself as well as the public. The voters are far more likely to respect and forgive the truth than to hear a candidate dismiss their bad behavior as not important.

People often make mistakes when it comes to the individuals they fall in love with. It is very difficult to admit that someone they love might have done something wrong. No one wants to hear that a close personal relationship has to end if they want to hold a public office. It shows strength in character to be able to walk away from love in order to hold office.

The president of the United States had to give up his mister in order to be elected. It was not easy for him to admit that the man was saying things that were unacceptable to the voters. Yet, the president withdrew with love and kindness in his heart for the individual. The voting public wanted to know that he did not share the same views as that mister. The same can be said for any relationship held by a candidate who runs for public office.

People who run for public office are often judged for the behaviors of family and close friends. The voting public is very good at judging the sincerity of candidates. You can tell when a candidate is just telling you what you want to hear as opposed to the truth. Lies will often surface during a campaign.

The voting public has every right to know just who the people are that want to hold a public office.

They also have every right to know the relationship and the leandings of reporters and bloggers. I would like to think that I am very bad at keeping secret my own personal views and leandings. Their are a very few elected officials that I simply will not write about because of the fact that I have private personal relationships with them. Even bloggers have private lives.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eric Griego Attacks and Diane Denish Defends Michelle Lujan-Grisham

Want to talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Diane of all people has no right to criticize anyone about below the belt attack campaign ads. Diane in her run for governor was more than happy to use attack ads that were unacceptable and outrages. Eric Griego said, “Look who is supporting the candidate.” I can honestly say that I have a hard time supporting anyone that Diane Denish supports so strongly.

Eric Griego has his own problems with traffic tickets and bench warrants. The republican controlled journal was more than happy to share that information in today’s newspaper. Mr. Griego should show some respect for the laws in this country, which he so greatly desires to make. Diane Denish pointed out that it was one out of fifty-one bills that he got passed in the state senate. I would not call that a record to be proud of in his case. Here is a man who should not be casting stones at his opponents.

Marty Chavez is staying on message about fighting for the interest of the voters. He is also promoting green jobs for the state. Marty is right that the other two candidates have not honestly been vetted when it comes to scandals. It looks like they plan to air their opponent’s dirty laundry in the next few days.

Heinrich Puts New Mexico’s Economy First

We would hope that anyone we send to Washington would always put New Mexico’s economy first before issues that can be settled in the court system. As our congressional representative, Martin’s first job is to protect the jobs held by New Mexicans. He knows how to vote to protect our interest.

I would hope that anyone we sent to Washington to replace Congressman Heinrich can defend his votes as well as Martin can. We need him in the senate to make sure that we have the best representation. His values and core beliefs are unquestionable by anyone who runs against him.

Martin Heinrich will make a fine U.S. Senator for the State of New Mexico. I encourage everyone to come out to vote for him in the next week and a half.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Congressional District One Race and Debate

Martin Chavez did very well in the weekend debate. He pointed out that unless we want more of the same or worse then he would be the candidate to send to Washington. People may not always love Marty; although, everyone admits that he gets the job done. Being mayor of a large city has given him experience that neither of the other candidates has when it comes to dealing with major economic issues. With Senator Jeff Bingaman retiring this year, New Mexico will need someone known for coming out on top in a fight. I personally could care less if he gets along with co-workers as long as he can defends our current economic standing and can advance our green jobs footprint.

Michelle Lujan-Grisham had some very strong hits against Eric Griego in the debate. Griego had no comeback for the question about his inability to move bills through the state senate. Lujan-Grisham had a very valid point that one in fifty was not a good record to be running on. Lujan-Grisham has some very good skills on camera. She is not always solid when in public but holds her own. Her experience is limited to state jobs and the county commission.

Eric Griego did very poorly in the debate with little presents. He holds too far left ideas that could cost our state big if elected. Eric has never supported the federal labs and in some cases has uncut our public stand on keeping the national labs in this state. Economically we cannot afford to elect someone who could potentially do more harm than good in a two-year term.

This year’s election is not about far left high ideas but about protecting the assets, this state has that are federal funded. It is not about whom the nice guy is but who can win a fight. We as voters have to get serious about who we elected when we do not have the luxury of senior senators. Everyone says we hate the Washington gridlock so now is the time to prove that stand by not sending the wrong candidate to Washington.