Monday, May 21, 2012

Congressional District One Race and Debate

Martin Chavez did very well in the weekend debate. He pointed out that unless we want more of the same or worse then he would be the candidate to send to Washington. People may not always love Marty; although, everyone admits that he gets the job done. Being mayor of a large city has given him experience that neither of the other candidates has when it comes to dealing with major economic issues. With Senator Jeff Bingaman retiring this year, New Mexico will need someone known for coming out on top in a fight. I personally could care less if he gets along with co-workers as long as he can defends our current economic standing and can advance our green jobs footprint.

Michelle Lujan-Grisham had some very strong hits against Eric Griego in the debate. Griego had no comeback for the question about his inability to move bills through the state senate. Lujan-Grisham had a very valid point that one in fifty was not a good record to be running on. Lujan-Grisham has some very good skills on camera. She is not always solid when in public but holds her own. Her experience is limited to state jobs and the county commission.

Eric Griego did very poorly in the debate with little presents. He holds too far left ideas that could cost our state big if elected. Eric has never supported the federal labs and in some cases has uncut our public stand on keeping the national labs in this state. Economically we cannot afford to elect someone who could potentially do more harm than good in a two-year term.

This year’s election is not about far left high ideas but about protecting the assets, this state has that are federal funded. It is not about whom the nice guy is but who can win a fight. We as voters have to get serious about who we elected when we do not have the luxury of senior senators. Everyone says we hate the Washington gridlock so now is the time to prove that stand by not sending the wrong candidate to Washington.