Monday, April 23, 2012

Political Prostitution in America

The U.S. Supreme Court with its one ruling on Citizen’s United has created a new class of prostitution in our country. Prostitution is defined as, “The act of setting one's self to sale.” In other words, someone acts as if they care about someone for a price. The more money they spend the more time it buys them with the prostitute.

Political prostitution is the act of candidates selling themselves to the voters. The candidates listen to the voter’s views and pretend to care as long as the voters pay the contribution price. The more money a voter spends the more time they get with said candidate. People without the money to spend receive little to no time with these political prostitutes. For the candidates it is all about how much money they can raise to buy airtime with the networks in the fall.

These political prostitutes are influenced by large amounts of cash contributed to their campaigns by big businesses with deep pockets. The U.S. Supreme Court has turned our elected officials into political prostitutes who are for sale to the highest bidder this year.

Republican Candidate for President Mitt Romney said it best when he said, “I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there.'' (Mitt Romney, following his Florida primary victory) With hundreds of thousands of people on the streets because of the downturn in the economy, the “safety net” he spoke about cannot begin to help all of those American voters.

New republican voting laws that require voters to have identification stating a permanent address is not possible for homeless individuals; therefore, those new laws are designed to disenfranchise homeless people for voting in this country. Someone that cannot afford to pay the rent on a place to live cannot begin to pay the price political prostitutes charge to allow a voters voice to be heard in this country.

Our political system is broken because of the ruling made by the U.S. Supreme Court. We have no say in the way candidates will vote in Washington D.C. because most Americans cannot afford the ticket to speak with a political prostitute. A prostitute who charges hundreds if not thousands of dollars for an hour of their time just to listen to what a voter feels is an important issue. New campaigns start as soon as the old one is finished in this country so elected officials are always trying to rise new funding for their next campaign. Maybe it is time for the voters to exercise their rights and just not show up at the polls. I for one have closed my very limited purse strings tight until the candidates can show that people matter more than raising money.

Current elected officials are too busy with their prostitution to go to Washington D.C. and demand reform laws that would fix our broken political system. Their Johns and Janes have not interest in encouraging them to fix the current system either.