Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why Vote for Democratic Candidates this Year

The Republican Party and specifically the Tea Party segment of the Republican Party have repeatedly stated that they want government out of their affairs. What they are really stating is that they want limitless rights to control the middle class and the working class in this country for their own personal enrichment and benefit.

They want uncontrolled and unregulated corporate welfare, while they also want the right to regulate and suppress public assistance to the unemployed middle class and the working poor through obstacles like red tape and drug testing. Why give tax breaks to corporations without drug testing the corporate board? After all, we do not know if those rich capitalists are using drugs anymore than we know if low income or middle class people are using drugs. The founding fathers did not like it when the U.S. Government singled out groups that have less of a voice and less power in government affairs.

They wish to control and interfere with the privacy of all women in this country when it comes to their reproductive rights. Yet, they want nothing to do with controlling the rights and privacy of corporations on how they spend their money? After all which is more an invasion of a real human’s privacy rights?

They wish to repeal environmental controls so that corporations would be allowed to destroy local communities’ health and safety. They also want to repeal the healthcare reform bill so that either they can then refuse healthcare or charge outrages prices to the very people they harm with their pollution.

They claim to represent “The American People” yet, which segment of the American People are they representing since America is made-up of many diverse cultures? Those diverse cultures do not always agree with the platform put forth by the Republican Party. When someone is elected and sent to Washington DC, they are expected to represent the best interest of all individuals in this country not just the elite few.