Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We have all seen what speculation in the housing market has done to this country. We know that speculation in the oil market drives up the price of a barrel of oil making gas prices soar. Now the world market is facing speculation on food products.

So gas prices go up and you see $5.00 a gallon gas in the United States with higher prices in other countries around the world. Housing prices go up and you see a market crash that the United States has not experienced since the nineteen thirties. Now you see food prices climb and what happens? Instability worldwide is the future result if something is not done to stop or at least control the speculation of food products.

Speculation is not a good deal on any item that is so important that people around the world will starve if it gets out of control. It is one thing to speculate on things like technology but quite another to speculate on things that support basic human life in this world.

What next are we going to allow speculation on water supplies so that people would not be able to afford a glass of water? Maybe we should allow speculation on healthcare delivery or education? Oh wait we already do.

We need an end to uncontrolled market speculation worldwide. We cannot afford to keep putting out the fires produced by uncontrolled market speculation on basic products and services that support human life and the quality of human life.