Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day at the Democratic National Convention

Mayor Vilaragoiza and
 Chairman Javier Gonzales
Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Javier Gonzales spent Labor Day doing a fine job of representing New Mexico Democrats at the national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Strong leadership by party leaders both past and present has turned New Mexico Blue. Chairman Gonzales’ approach is one that women in this state see as being very supportive of their issues. 
Congressman Martin Heinrich spent the day on the campaign trail here in New Mexico saying that he will never  take voters for granite and will work hard for every vote until  they are counted on election day. Congressman Heinrich has a proud history of supporting democratic values for New Mexicans both in this state and in Washington D.C. He is a candidate for the senatorial seat now held by Senator Jeff Bingaman. Senator Bingaman is retiring after a  long distinguished career as a public servant for New Mexico. 
County Chairwomen Ana Luna Canales
and State Chairman Javier Gonzales
Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Chairwoman Ana Luna Canales will be leading the delegates from Bernalillo County in support of President Obama. Bernalillo County has one of the largest voting blocks for democrats in the state. Chairwoman Canales is a fine example of what a Hispanic Woman can achieve in support of women in this state.
Delegate groups will be supporting voting blocks such as Hispanic, Native Americans, and women. New Mexico has one of the most diverse populations in this part of the country. Democratic candidates are proud to provide representation and support for all New Mexicans in this state.
The Republican Party has failed in supporting the diversity in this state so voters have turned to the Democratic Party for support and understanding. The current governor is too busy pandering to powerful white rich republicans and corporations to give honest representation to the many subcultures in our state. 
The next three days will be filled with opportunities for the Democratic Party to shine in front of the whole country. Many major democratic leaders will be speaking about the issues facing this country. The convention will end on Thursday as President Obama accepts his parties nomination for reelection to the oval office.