Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mayor R. J. Berry Defends First Amendment Rights of Sex Offenders

Mayor R. J. Berry welcomes sex offenders to our city for a conference to reduce laws that protect women and children. Berry would make Albuquerque a welcome haven for people who destroy the lives of women and children.

Berry has done away with many of the administrative rules put into place by former Mayor Martin Chavez that were aimed at protecting women and children in this city from sex offenders. It is outrages that a mayor could defend individuals who have a proven record of re-offending.

Police are not preparing to defend the citizens of this city but are attempting to protect the sex offenders from the citizens of this city.

Citizens in this city have a right to be safe in their communities. Now the mayor is encouraging sex offenders to move to our city by his very behaviors. He would create a community of sex offenders in the Southeast heights side of our city.

This is no way to attract businesses to our city. It is no wonder that New Mexico is losing jobs while other states are gaining them. Who in their right mind would want to start a family in a city known for its sex offenders. Mayor Berry’s actions make you wonder why he is so supportive of these individuals.