Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate

Last evening President Obama proved that he can take a strong leadership position when dealing with his opponent. The President did not just sit by and take notes this time as he did in the last debate. He defended his positions and his record. He managed to show strong leadership in a difficult position.

The President called Romney out when it came to using international problems as political weapons. The whole world disapproves of a candidate using the deaths of Americans to attack a sitting President. There can be no excuse for such behavior from someone seeking the Oval Office.

The President made a good case that women’s health issues should not be controlled by big conservative government. Privacy is a right that all Americans have despite their gender. Government should not be allowed to control the body of any individual.

Economic issues for women cannot be dismissed or damaged just because the Republican Party places no value on the life of or health of a woman.

Immigration is a family issue when children are taking from their schools to be deported and parents are not even told where the child is or who took them. This is a major fear of any parent. No parent could possibly approve of the governments behavior when it comes to this issue. No caring parent could in good faith wish that type of terror or fear on any parent. What type of man or parent is Romney that he would support this type of government policy?

Romney did not come off as creditable when it comes to the economy. His views sound a lot like what got us in this mess in the first place. Voters already know that uncontrolled large corporations will only result in a return to a major recession. The United States middle class simply cannot afford a return to policies that cause the last recession.

The President won this debate because he has a more defined plan that gives details on moving this country forward. The only details that Romney could or would provide result in our country moving backward into another major recession which could cripple this country.