Friday, October 12, 2012

State Senator Tim Keller or Former State Senator Shannon Robinson

Let’s take a hard look at the two candidates who are running for the state senate seat in the International District. Why should the voting public vote for either of the candidates?

New Mexico State Senator Tim Keller

State Senator Tim Keller is in his first four year term as state senator. He has made the International District his heart and soul. For Senator Keller the International District is his home. He walks the neighborhoods often. He is present for their events and activities. He knows the people on a personal level.

You can see the real honest anger in him whenever anyone puts up roadblocks that prevent him from helping individuals who live in the area. Senator Keller does not just expect people to vote for him because they have done so in the past. He does not have a sense of entitlement to the position.

For State Senator Keller, the real issues, which he supports, are the ones that he has found from listening to the voters in his district. He is not above asking residents in the International District to vote for him.

Former New Mexico State Senator Shannon Robinson

Former New Mexico State Senator Shannon Robinson is someone who spent a lot of time in office. He cares more about what goes on in Santa Fe then in his own district. He lost touch with the residents of his district a long time ago. He feels entitled to the senate seat. He defends views that are not held by the people living in the International District.

The anger you see in Robinson is directed at the residents of the International District for not just reelecting him. You also see a great deal of anger directed at Senator Keller for taking his seat in the state senate.

Former Senator Robinson is conservative and would most likely side with the Martinez Administration when it comes to issues that could be a detriment to the voters of the International District. Former Senator Robinson would do anything necessary including changing parties just to regain power over the International District.