Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not a Good Night for the President

Mitt Romney had a great debate last evening because he lied through the entire thing. There was no control by the moderator. Romney went on the attack from the outset. He used false information that was unbelievable at best. His nonverbal body language screamed, “Look at me I am lying and I know it.” How can the American People trust someone who can so obviously lie on national television?

President Obama did not have his head in the game last night. He looked at the moderator far too much and was slow and thoughtful with his answers. He should have come out more forcefully and challenged Romney more on his falsehoods.

The American public expected far better from their president. The facts alone are with the president. Romney would cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle class in this country. He would destroy healthcare and hand individuals over to an unregulated insurance industry that is already out of control when it comes to cost.

Romney would allow large corporations and banks to control the government with no oversight. He would turn back the clock when it comes to women’s rights.

The whole thing was a huge disappointment when it comes to getting real and honest answers that can help people make up their minds this election year.