Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Convince Me Maybe

Martin Heinrich seriously convince me that I need to vote for you! I am so ready to not vote for you. So far you have turned away a reporter at one of your pay-for-view events in Santa Fe because you did not agree with his politics. Or maybe it was because you are too good to be seen with a reporter who does not work for one of the major national conservative networks. Even the President of the United States does not act in such a disrespectful manner. How should I know why the reporter was turned away since your communications director has not returned my call?

I have not seen you in months. Your campaign staff is insulting to bloggers. I know this because I have called not once but twice. You lack any interest in my personal issues or those of the women who read my blog. At this rate I could write a great column on why not to vote for you. If this is how you treat your constituencies, than maybe I don’t want you in Washington D.C. We already have a U.S. Senator who acts that way.

I know what you had done in the past. Not all of it has been great. What I want to know is will you stand with hard working mothers in the future. Your ego has become so inflated that I have my doubts. I have to wonder if all the money you have received in the past year will have a direct effect on your future votes if you are elected to the U.S. Senate. As my later mother use to say, “The devil is in the details.”

Good looks only go so far when it comes to the welfare of our children. Hard working mothers cannot afford the high price tickets to see this would be senator. Maybe my vote does not matter to you. Maybe their votes don’t matter to you.

Give me one good reason other than the fact that no one likes Heather Wilson as to why I should vote for you. And please don’t expect working mothers to show up for pricy events in the middle of a working day.