Thursday, January 28, 2010

Congressman Martin Heinrich Visited CNM to Spotlight Green Job Training

Congressman Martin Heinrich today visited the New “Green” Workforce Training Center on the main campus of the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque New Mexico to spotlight a grant that will provide six million dollars for green job training within the state of New Mexico.

The Congressman was given a short briefing by CNM instructors on the program followed by a tour of the program areas.

The congressman answers questions by the press and by instructors of the local community college on green job training funding and even electric cars.

The congressman has his degree in engineering and once even raced a solar car during his own college years.

The congressman stated that he supports funding two year colleges to provide the best educational opportunities for New Mexicans and to provide workers for the new green economy.

The local community college was more than happy to provide a tour for the congressman of the newly remodeled school of Applied Technologies which is now seeing a renewed interest by unemployed New Mexicans and individuals who are in the trade industry but looking to upgrade their skills so as to take advantage of the emerging green industry here in the state.