Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Someone called me a progressive blogger yesterday. I can’t say that my blogging style is not unbiased. I will leave unbiased reporting up to news reporters like Peter St. Cyr. He does a good job despise all of the difficulties faced by a job like his.

My column is not written for conservatives because I don’t support their views on issues that matter to our communities around the state.

Do I criticize my own party? You bet I do! I am not trying to paint roses and hearts where there are none but I want to be honest about the issues that matter to progressives and women in my state.

We elect people to represent our views and create laws and bills that help further our view points. We want them to build government that supports our core values in life.

Those values are small business, a well educated workforce capable of earning good wages, a safe and friendly environment that supports a healthy life style for ourselves and our children. Open and honest government that is answerable to the voters and not lobbyists for big business or large institutions.

Rush Limbaugh loves to scream on his program that people like me don’t support uncontrolled big business which sends most of its revenues out of state, I also don’t support hate based on anything that a person does not have control over such as skin color, sex or place of origin. I don’t support the rich becoming even richer at the expense of the poor or the destruction of our environment for no other reason than profit.

Have I always been this type of person? NO! I grew up in a republican family that would have loved Rush Limbaugh and who would have supported everything he says. I worked for big business and make lots of money for them. I don’t need to hear their voices because I grew up in that environment and understand their views only too well.

Over the next few weeks I like many others will travel to our state’s capital and talk with law makers there to encourage them to support the values I want made into laws. Funding for any issue is a major project when it comes to legislation pasted during these sessions.

I would encourage every progressive voter and women who cares about their state to make a call or pay a visit and make your views known to our state’s lawmakers during the next thirty days.

Lawmakers can only base their votes on what the public says to them and what the lobbyists say to them so which would you rather they use when voting on laws that effect our state’s residents. Trust me when I say that the conservatives in this state are not shy about making their views known to our lawmakers.