Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talk is Cheap so Let’s See Some Action Mr. President

Last evening President Obama said that he wants to create more new jobs to put people back to work on Main Street.

He said that the bank bailout was akin to a root canal. More like a root canal without the benefit of a pain killer for the Main Street voters.

Large banks have received the benefits of a bailout but refuse to lean to small businesses in this country. So yes the money to help small businesses should go to small in state banks that are more concerned with their customer’s success then profits. And yes we should fine the big banks for their bad behavior and let’s see if more local banks don’t start getting more customers because of it. The big banks are welcome to raise their fees and people should consider moving to smaller local banks to show just how much they support that action.

The senate republicans may now have 41 votes but it is true that they now share responsible for how our federal government goes forward and that means no more blockades unless they want voters to explain that democrats are not the only ones facing a difficult election year in 2010. At this point in time we want new people with new ideas that work and we want to see them find a way to work with others without losing sight of what and who sent them to Washington in the first place.

I am glad that our president sees the value of a two year education but he does not begin to understand the system. He wants to make education cheaper for students by cutting the cost but with a top heavy administration that puts their own needs before those of the students all he may get is poorer services for his demands and very unhappy front line teachers and support staff.

The two years college administrators raises their own pay while cutting cost by cutting employees and pay for educators and support staff and they also increasing classroom sizes while cutting support services for students. All of this along with top down pressure to cut cost could cause great harm to our two year college system in the future.

But all the news is not dreadful the talk of more investment in green jobs could help New Mexico in the coming years as we watch more green energy producing companies move to our state and maybe in the future we could see our own New Mexicans start their own local green energy businesses.