Thursday, January 7, 2010

Partisan Politics--Missed Opportunity

Diplomatic relationships when it comes to national partisan politics are often a difficult area and President Obama has failed to bring together our nation’s leaders. We all know that the Republican Party is unwilling to make any attempts to work with our party members. President Obama should have been leading the party in shaming the republicans into working with our elected officials.

President Obama missed a wonderful opportunity to show the nation that he can act with good will toward his partisan enemy when he failed to visit conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in the hospital during the Christmas Holiday. Limbaugh suggested that it was his worst fear and that it might just have given him a real heart attack if he had dropped by for lunch. That of itself would have been a true reward for a visit to the sad drug addicted radio talk show host.

Limbaugh told a story on his show the other day that at a young age he was a supporter of the space program and could not understand why people did not work for the government for free in order to promote that program. You have to wonder where that sweet and loving child went and how badly his parents must have failed him in order to turn him into the hate filled drug addicted individual he is at present. One should feel honestly sorry for Limbaugh became he is off the deep end and not even republicans should pay this sick individual any real attention.

It is clear that the people who call into his show are individuals in desperate need of mental health treatment. They suffer from paranoid delusions and could be harmful to themselves as well as others. Mr. Limbaugh gives these poor unstable uneducated individuals a place to voice their wild insane rants. All I can say about that is better to have them on phones rather than on street corners.