Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Educational Blues

Educators are Not Rich!

Between the President and the Governor educators just might not have enough to live on this year.

The president wants to tax insurance policies and the governor wants to reduce salaries so where is the breaks in all of this for public educators. To begin some of us make less, far less, than $30,000 a year. We took a 1 ½ % pay decrease just last year.

The Democratic Party is suppose to support public education but with all of the hits we are taking this year and last year you have to begin to wonder who’s side they are on when it comes to education.

Someone please tell me how we are suppose to make ends meet when prices for food, gas, and housing keep going up and our paychecks keep dropping.

I think that the approach that State Senator Tim Jennings and State Senator John A. Smith have taken is unforgiveable and that they should find themselves out of a job next time they run for office.

The governor wants to take close to $300 a year out of low income educator’s salaries and the president wants another $250. If their behavior does not keep educators home from the polls in the future I don’t know what could. Republicans are sure to use this in an election year saying that teachers are not a priority for democrats and that we should just walk away while we have the chance.

I personally did not vote for this type of change.