Thursday, January 21, 2010

Special Interest Victory

The U.S. Supreme Court in a landmark decision has once again proved that Corporate America is more important than the voting public in this country. This is the direct results of placing a bad judge on the court system for a life time appointment with no ability given to the voters for a recall.

Their decision to give corporations unlimited abilities to buy advertising time and no limits on when they can do advertising will take control of our country away from the voters and put it squarely in the hands of Wall Street.

This is a failure of the Bush Administration who handed us judges that put business before the intent of the founding fathers and the American people. The constitution has no real meaning for these conservative judges who place not value in that document.

Voters are going to need civic classes just to give them the tools to understand the truth when it comes to our system of government. America has now become a country where our government power seats are put up for the highest bidder and will be owned by corporations who fund their own candidates.

In the future we should start calling our elected official by the corporation that owns them. For example: Senator Motors or Congressman Oil and Power Company. Law will now allow these corporations to pollute our environment and harm our everyday main street residents.

It is now up to a poorly lead federal government to craft a bill that would limit within the constitution the rights and abilities of corporations to do election-engineering. Corporations are artificial entities and should have no rights to affect the outcome of an election which would result in the control our government. Corporation should not be given the same rights of free speech as individuals.