Saturday, January 2, 2010

Public Safety Director Darren White--Not Again

Does this man ever do anything right when it comes to helping people? The city is now giving residents of the Western Palisades 48 hours to move out and some of them have no place to go. You have to wonder if White even cares about the women and children of this complex or if he is just grandstanding for the news cameras using it to get his name in the news. How is having women and children out on the street in this weather with not home protecting their public safety?

Why is more not being done to force the owner of that complex to fix the problems and provide a safe residents for these families? We don’t need cowboys like Darren White putting on a show for the public only to leave people homeless in January.

Where is the Mayor or is that White? Why is he not now trying to work out a deal with this absentee business owner that would protect the safety of these women and children and why is he allowing White to act like such a fool in front of news cameras?