Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conservatives Message to Liberals

Conservatives in New Mexico have unspeakable answers to how we should fix the state budget.

  • No increases in taxes so that the rich only get richer. Conservatives are wearing black ribbons to show their support to prevent tax increases. Why don't they just wear a black arm band?
  • Don’t medically treat the poor or illegal aliens let them die on the streets rather then treat them.
  • Don’t pay for services that feed poor children because it takes money from the rich that they want in their own bank accounts.
  • Don’t help handicapped individuals let them be put out on the streets in the cold better that they should die and decrease the surplus population rather then receive benefits from state government.
  • Do away with public education since only poor children need it and if we don’t feed them than they can die and decrease the population.

One does have to wonder how these people can justify these types of inhumanity to their fellow New Mexicans and still look themselves in the face in the morning. Not since the end of World War II have we seen this type of hate by a group of people who fear everyone that is not like themselves.

It is one thing to cut the large overpaid administration in this state but all together another to harm handicapped, poor families, small children and the middle class to spare the rich in New Mexico.

Unfair labor laws in states like New Mexico only encourages rich businesses owners to pay slave wages with little to no benefits (Corporate Welfare) and then force decreases in services to the poor and the middle class during difficult economic times.