Sunday, January 17, 2010

Domenici Jr. in the Race for Governor

Pete Domenici Jr., an Albuquerque lawyer, who has no political experience but carries a big last name in New Mexico politics, has announced today that he will run for governor. The Republican Party up to this point has failed miserable to give their voters any reason to care about the governor’s race.

Domenici’s father left office due to questions about ethics and medical issues so should we wonder about the example set at home for this man? With no political experience and a poor sense of timing due to the major sporting events this month one does have to wonder just how serious he is about becoming governor.

With a future of no money for the budget we can ill afford to have someone with no experience running our state government? Hard decisions will have to be made in the coming years and we want someone who cares about the children of this state and future small business development.

We know that the republicans want nothing more then to cut education at the classroom level until they get past the bone. Will democrats fight to protect their children’s future when it comes to jobs and education or will they allow the republicans to take control of our state‘s government at this crucial point in time?