Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talk Radio: Spreading the Hate Without Ethical Care

I have friends who are republicans and although I totally disagree with some of their views on issues I just don’t see the kind of hate in them that you hear on talk radio. I can’t believe that they hate people as much as the people who call into talk radio.

The people who call into those programs on hate radio don’t ever begin to care about anyone but themselves. They hate liberals, the poor, and anyone who was not born in this country. It is scary to hear exactly how strong their anger is toward over half the people who live in this country.

I have to wonder about the people who work for those stations since they encourage this type of anger and hate. They give voice to people who are clearly very disturbed mentally. I have to wonder if they are encouraging these people to harm individuals rather then to face the real world and their own mental problems. How is this not like screaming fire in a crowded theater?

Talk Radio does not give a fair or balanced view of the news when a reporter reports the news just to have the D.J. inject his own negative commits right after the report. There is no one there to take the side of the liberal view on these issues. No one to calm the anger or hate.

How long will it be before one of these radio stations is directly linked in the act of home grown terrorism in our state? How will they feel if someone they know is killed in an attack by a mentally ill listener who was encouraged by their station to express his or her hate of our local government?

News reporters if ethical must face the fact that words can cause actions as we all know and that by encouraging anger and yes even hate toward local government without regard to providing a path to constructively channel that anger is very dangerous especially if the person is mentally unstable.