Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Progressives not Fired Up Over Healthcare Reform Bill

Yesterday in Massachusetts voters sent a strong message to the President of the United States. Sir you are not listening to what we want.

The president was forced to face the grim reality that even the liberal base will not vote for a senator who blindly supports healthcare that is not reform.

The president should have known that it is not the republicans who will vote for him but the democrats who he has turned his back on ever since the election just one short year ago.

Liberals in the Democratic Party have been forced to face a Wall Street bailout, a second war, rising unemployment, home foreclosures, and now a healthcare bill without a public option so is it any wonder that they did not support a democratic candidate picked and supported by the party leaders.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction and we are spending all our hard earned tax dollars in all the wrong places so when will the president understand that this is not the change we voted for last year.