Friday, January 1, 2010

Talk Radio--Required Listening for Liberals

Growing up my parents taught me that it is very important to understand the people you disagree with in life. Turning a blind eye to people that hate, loathe, and despise you can only lead to great harm in the future. You have to try and understand their point of view no matter how warped or deranged it might be in order to protect yourself from them. You would never turn your back on a individual who was pointing a loaded gun at you head but that is exactly what liberals have been doing up to now with conservatives talk radio.

Rush and his cohorts are by no means stupid. The forces they reach out to are for what ever reason uneducated by our colleges and universities. They appeal to people who failed in our education system over the past twenty years. They work hard to paint us as evil in the same manner that Hitler paint the Jewish people as evil during the period before World War II.

Make no mistake they want conservatives to not only hate us but to fear us and our belief systems. They tell their listener that every thing we say are lies and that science is all lies because they were unable or unwilling to learn it during their period of education. Fear of the unknown can be used as a powerful tool in getting people to work toward an unreasonable goal.

Rush tries to dehumanize us by calling our leader names and by pointing out human weakness of only our party leadership. He does not even make any attempt to show that those same weaknesses are a part of the conservative party or everyday life for that matter.

Why are people like him trying so hard to turn our country into another Germany? The answer is control and uncontrolled greed by white middle-aged men of power who see the cultural and social demography of our country changing which will result in a shift in power. The shift will be away from them and toward the lower income individuals of this country and that is far from what they want or are trying to protect.

So while it may sicken you and turn you stomach to listen to these individuals, liberals must learn to educate themselves on the insane rants of people like Rush and his cohorts if we have any hope to prevent people from turning toward his party.

Our leaders must work hard to education our children so that they do not fall under the control of these men who in the long run would destroy our country and all that we hold dear. It would be even better if liberals called in and fought to press their views on his program until conservatives stopped listening to his program. I call on America to get angry and talk back to people like Rush.