Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Education Not a Major Priority for Legislative Finance Committee

The members of the Legislative Finance Committee on Monday took a stand and sent a clear message that public education does not matter to our state or future businesses when they proposed a 2% across the board cut for state educational employees no matter what their level of income. It is clear that they want state employees on welfare which they most likely also plan to cut back.

This committee is plainly run by uncaring republicans who would like nothing more than to do away with public education in the state of New Mexico. It would appear they only want private education for the very rich and nothing for the poorest which educators are fast becoming after a number of hits to their income for the last few sessions.

Even some of the more right leaning republicans are scratching their heads and wondering why the committee did not try to exclude low income employees from this current round of cuts. Perhaps the Republican Party plans on blaming this on the Democrats so they can gain more seats in the coming elections after all they do claim that State Senators Tim Jennings and John Author Smith are democrats not that anyone believes them any longer.