Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Plain Wrong

There is nothing more wrong then a teacher taking advantage of a student. In the past few weeks two Albuquerque Public School teachers have been accused of inappropriate relationships with young students. It does not matter which side of the political divide you are on everyone should understand the fact that teachers should never engage in romantic relationships with their students period. As a parent I find this behavior inexcusable. Teachers should be trusted individuals who act as mentors for our young people. Many of our teachers are great mentors and work hard to provide a quality education to our young children every day of their lives nevertheless it only takes one bad apple to cast a harmful shadow over all educators.

As an Educator I am appalled and sickened by the thought that someone could ever take advantage of a student no matter what the age. Our job places us in close contact with young people who should feel free to count on us to help them achieve their goals in life while encouraging independents. There can be no greater wrong then violating the trust and faith that a student places in a teacher.

The reality is that with our state paying low wages and cutting school budgets to the bone while paying outrages salaries to top administration who say one thing in public and quiet another in private to our state representatives it is no wonder that we are facing these problems. In order to attract quality educators you have to make education a priority. Educational administration has violated the trust of teacher far too often and as a result there is a total lack of trust which only encourages this type of problem.

Education should not be just a job only requiring the minimum skills but a career which people pledge their lives to and who receive pay that encourages the best that can be achieved for our children.